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Local election results 2007

Elections in Gateshead on Thursday, May 3 resulted in no overall change in political control of the Council.

Labour remains the largest group on the Council with 42 seats, the Liberal Democrats have 23 seats and the Liberals 1 seat.

* Sitting Councillor


Betty GallonLiberal814 
Andrea GatissConservative203 
Neil Steven Weatherley*Labour1213399

Size of electorate: 6388
Total ballots: 2230
Spoiled papers: 10
Turnout: 35%


(two vacancies)

Colin BallLiberal Democrat543 
Malcolm Alfred Brain*Labour1338574
Mark GardnerLiberal Democrat764 
Trevor Charles MurrayConservative182 
Stephen Christopher RonchettiLabour1047283

Size of electorate: 6818
Total ballots: 2197
Spoiled papers: 7
Turnout: 32%


Peter Emil AndrasLiberal Democrat352 
Ada CallananConservative193 
Bob GoldsworthyLabour888536
George JohnsonBritish National Party213 

Size of electorate: 5672
Total ballots: 1646
Spoiled papers: 9
Turnout: 29%

Chopwell and Rowlands Gill

Raymond CallenderLiberal Democrat800 
Kenneth HuttonBritish National Party171 
Michael McNestry*Labour1716916
Maureen MoorConservative269 

Size of electorate: 7298
Total ballots: 2956
Spoiled papers: 10
Turnout: 40%


Daniel Stephen DugganConservative578 
Glenys Marie GoodwillLiberal Democrat425 
Terrence JoplingBritish National Party231 
Keith Wood*Labour1523945

Size of electorate: 7163
Total ballots: 2757
Spoiled papers: 2
Turnout: 38%

Crawcrook and Greenside

Derek Anderson*Liberal Democrat1598514
Leonard DavidsonConservative151 
Helen Elizabeth HughesLabour1084 

Size of electorate: 6666
Total ballots: 2833
Spoiled papers: 7
Turnout: 42%


Daniel George CarrLiberal Democrat398 
Allan DavidsonConservative277 
Bernadette OliphantLabour1150752
Kevin ScottBritish National Party265 

Size of electorate: 6746
Total ballots: 2090
Spoiled papers: 1
Turnout: 31%

Dunston and Teams

Margaret BellConservative179 
Maureen Clelland*Labour940583
Michael George RuddyLiberal Democrat357 
Andrew Alexander SwaddleBritish National Party252 

Size of electorate: 6298
Total ballots: 1728
Spoiled papers: 3
Turnout: 27%

Dunston Hill and Whickham East

John CallananConservative171 
Gary Robert HaleyLabour1082 
Yvonne Mary McNicol*Liberal Democrat1603521
Saira MunroBritish National Party165 

Size of electorate: 6854
Total ballots: 3021
Spoiled papers: 10
Turnout: 44%


David Paul LucasLiberal Democrat316 
Keith Edward McFarlaneBritish National Party205 
Paul McNally*Labour1149833
Steve WraithConservative189 

Size of electorate: 5824
Total ballots: 1859
Spoiled papers: 9
Turnout: 32%

High Fell

Jim BattyUKIP196 
Ronald William FairlambBritish National Party151 
Malcolm Graham*Labour1100850
Ann McCarthyLiberal Democrat250 
June MurrayConservative157 

Size of electorate: 6407
Total ballots: 1854
Spoiled papers: 4
Turnout: 29%


Christine Anne BradleyLabour1183626
Sheila EverattConservative237 
Diane MillerLiberal557 
Brian WeatherburnIndependent461 

Size of electorate: 6756
Total ballots: 2438
Spoiled papers: 12
Turnout: 36%

Lobley Hill and Bensham

Hazel AndersonConservative121 
George BainbirdgeBritish National Party260 
Susan CraigLiberal Democrat1169 
Frank Donovan*Labour122253

Size of electorate: 7446
Total ballots: 2772
Spoiled papers: 4
Turnout: 37%

Low Fell

Bob AveryIndependent344 
Ron Beadle*Liberal Democrat1647947
Les MilneLabour700 
Paul SterlingConservative331 

Size of electorate: 7065
Total ballots: 3022
Spoiled papers: 9
Turnout: 43%

Pelaw and Heworth

Doreen Boyes*Liberal Democrat1142242
Iain DerrickLabour900 
Edward McFarlaneBritish National Party207 

Size of electorate: 6695
Total ballots: 2249
Spoiled papers: 5
Turnout: 34%

Ryton, Crookhill and Stella

Norman Callender*Liberal Democrat1680919
Medina Jane GilhamBritish National Party134 
Joyce HarrisLabour761 
Antoinette Margaret SterlingConservative168 

Size of electorate: 6254
Total ballots: 2743
Spoiled papers: 3
Turnout: 44%


Edward BohillConservative234 
Mick Henry*Labour1193809
Norman SpoursLiberal Democrat384 
Jacqueline Alexandria SwaddleBritish National Party172 

Size of electorate: 6331
Total ballots: 1983
Spoiled papers: 4
Turnout: 31%

Wardley and Leam Lane

Adrian AndersonConservative259 
John Paul DistonLiberal Democrat655 
Stuart Green*Labour1362707

Size of electorate: 6249
Total ballots: 2276
Spoiled papers: 9
Turnout: 36%

Whickham North

Elaine DobsonLabour854 
Christopher James Ord*Liberal Democrat1484 630
Elaine RobertsonConservative288 

Size of electorate: 6597
Total ballots: 2626
Spoiled papers: 11
Turnout: 40%

Whickham South and Sunniside

Peter De-vereLabour570 
John RobertsonConservative327 
Jonathan Charles Wallace*Liberal Democrat20431473

Size of electorate: 6903
Total ballots: 2940
Spoiled papers: 7
Turnout: 42%

Windy Nook and Whitehills

Michael CassidyBritish National Party275 
Jim Turnbull*Labour15561066
Susan WalkerLiberal Democrat490 
Eric YoungConservative194 

Size of electorate: 7734
Total ballots: 2515
Spoiled papers: 9
Turnout: 32%

Winlaton and High Spen

Brenda Lilian ClellandLabour1205 
Karl GatissConservative155 
Brenda Dawn Osborne*Liberal Democrat1541336

Size of electorate: 6938
Total ballots: 2901
Spoiled papers: 12
Turnout: 42%