There is a new cap on the maximum amount someone of working age can receive in benefits. If you have income above the cap, your Housing Benefit could be reduced to only 50p per week. Find out more about the changes to Housing Benefit.

You must tell us about any changes in your circumstances that have happened since you applied, or while you've been receiving benefit.

Benefits: report a change in circumstances
Housing Benefit
Information about Housing Benefit and how to apply.
Council tax support
Information about Council Tax Support and how to apply.
Benefit calculator
See how much Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support you could claim.
Local Crisis Support
If you are on means tested benefits you may be entitled to crisis support via the Local Discretionary Payment Scheme.
Universal Credit
Universal Credit replaces individual benefits with a single monthly payment.
Discretionary Housing Payments
If you are struggling financially, get advice and apply for help with your rent.
Benefit appeals
Find out how to appeal if you are unhappy with our decision about your Housing Benefit.
Benefit fraud
How to report benefit fraud in Gateshead in confidence.
Education benefits
Find out about free school meals and school transport for your children.

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