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Abandoned vehicles


What is not classed as an abandoned vehicle
What may be classed as an abandoned vehicle
Report an abandoned vehicle


If you suspect a vehicle has been abandoned, please check to see if it has road tax and MOT on the website (opens new window).

If it has road tax, MOT, is not stolen and there are no parking restrictions where it is parked on the road, we probably won't be able to treat it as an abandoned vehicle.

Trailers and caravans that would normally be attached to a vehicle can also be classed as abandoned vehicles.

A vehicle is not abandoned if:

  • it is causing an obstruction on the highway or pavement - please report it to the Police by phoning 101
  • it is just untaxed - you can report this on the website (opens new window) or phone 0330 008 7520 
  • someone is parking their vehicle on a street where they do not live
  • someone is parking in a street where they do not have a residential permit
  • it is temporarily broken down, or has recently been involved in an accident and is awaiting recovery

If the vehicle holds tax, MOT, is not stolen and is parked in an area with no restrictions or yellow lines, it is legally parked and can remain where it is.   

A vehicle might be abandoned if some or all of the following apply:

  • it appears to be damaged, run down or not roadworthy - for example it has flat tyres, broken windows or missing wheels
  • it has been stationary for a long time and it appears that it is not being used by anyone
  • there are weeds or litter surrounding it, or mould, moss and waste inside 
  • it is missing one or both of its registration plates
  • it is damaged, vandalised or burnt out
  • it is open and a target for vandalism or it represents a danger to the public

Report an abandoned vehicle

If you have read the information above and you suspect that a vehicle has been abandoned on a public road or public open space, please report it to us.

Report an abandoned vehicle

We will not divulge your contact details as part of our investigation process.

By leaving your contact details you may be able to help the investigating officer by providing further information about the vehicle. This will help us speed up the process and improve our service. It will also mean that we can update you with the progress of your report.

If you feel strongly that you would like to remain anonymous, please try to include as much detail as possible in your report.