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Tree management and maintenance

Storm damage to trees

We are continuing to deal with tree damage from recent storms and it could take us longer than usual to respond to reports. All reports will be assessed, and urgent cases or dangerous trees will be dealt with as a priority. 

Trees are amongst the most important and significant features in the landscape and contribute to making Gateshead an environmentally attractive and healthy place to live. However, trees are living, growing organisms and like other plants they may from time to time require maintenance work. 

We are responsible for the management and maintenance of trees on council land and on council-owned properties in Gateshead.

Issues we can't deal with

  • Trees obscuring street lights
    If a tree is obscuring a street light, report it as a problem with a street light.
  • Tree roots damaging a pavement
    If a tree's roots are damaging a pavement, report it as a damaged or uneven pavement.
  • Tall trees
    We do not respond to reports of trees that may be dangerous simply because they are tall and may sway in the wind, or cause an issue IF they fell.
  • Satellite and TV reception interference
    Interference sometimes increases when trees are in leaf and in windy weather.  In most cases, this can be reduced by moving the aerial or using booster boxes.  These options are far cheaper and less destructive than pruning or felling the tree.
  • Solar panels
    Shading from trees can impact on the ability to generate electricity, however we do not fell or prune council owned trees solely for this reason.
  • Aphids and honeydew
    If a tree has aphids or honeydew is falling onto cars or property, residents should take practical measures such as regular cleaning, covering vehicles or parking elsewhere.
  • Tree debris
    Problems with falling leaves, fruit or cones is a natural process and is not a 'legal nuisance'. This is dealt with as part of routine planned maintenance.
  • Pollens and allergies
    All plants and trees produce pollen as part of their life cycle, which can affect allergy sufferers. As this is a natural process, it is not classed as a 'legal nuisance' and there is nothing we can do to reduce the effects on residents.
  • Bird fouling
    Healthy trees attract wildlife and are an asset to the environment. Bird fouling is not considered a reason for trees to be pruned.
Report a tree that has fallen and is blocking access or could be a hazard to the public.
This could include a tree that is at risk of falling or have snapped branches at risk of falling.
Report an overhanging tree or hedge that is causing an issue on a road or footpath.
Report a tree on council land causing structural damage to a building or property.
Report a tree causing a severe restriction of light to a property.
Information about trees that are causing problems by encroaching over a boundary or onto a property.