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About Adult Social Care

What Adult Social Care is

Adult Social Care supports people (and their carers) to stay independent and well so they can live the life they want.

On this website, you will find information on a range of services that will support you and the people you care about to live a thriving life.

What we do

Our Adult Social Care team are committed to helping people remain in their own homes and communities where they can continue to live independently for as long as possible. We work with you to ensure you have choice and control over how you can live your life, and to ensure that you continue to enjoy good health and wellbeing.   

Our aim is that care and support is:

  • person centred - any recommendation of support that we make is made with your views, wishes and needs at the heart of them
  • tailored to the needs of individuals - we consider your needs as an individual and accept that what works for one person may not be what you want or need
  • strength based - we focus on the things that you can do and ways we can help you to build on your strengths to do the things that you need help to do 
  • co-ordinated - we will communicate with other people who help you so that everyone is on the same page
  • outcome-focussed - this means putting you at the centre, identifying what is important in your life, ensuring that everyone is working together to achieve the same purpose of maximising your independence and quality of life

Support can either by provided by us or arranged from another organisation. This could be a CQC regulated care provider, or a Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE).

Get in touch

Adult Social Care Direct is the first point of contact for queries about someone who requires help and support to live independently. If a person is in hospital, please contact our hospital discharge team on 0191 445 2200.

The quickest way to contact Adult Social Care Direct is online. If you are unable to use our online service, you can contact us by phone on 0191 433 7033. However, before you do you, may find services to support you on the OurGateshead (opens new window) website. This is Gateshead's community website, designed with residents and community groups. It is a one-stop location to find organisations and the activities and services they provide.

If you need more support

You may be referred for a care assessment if you have needs which cannot be met through support in the community.

The initial assessment is the first step in assessing your need for social care. It helps to identify people who need further help from us and those who can get help from other services.

If you want us to pay for any support you may need, such as homecare or residential care, you must have a care assessment first.

The Care Act in Gateshead

In April 2015, care and support in England was changed for the better. The Care Act made care and support more consistent across the country.

The act brings over 60 years of care and support legislation together. It sets out new duties and responsibilities for us with the aim to promote the wellbeing of adults and carers. It also helps adults maintain their independence and take control of their own care and support.

What does this mean for people in Gateshead?

  • you will be fully involved in the assessment of your needs - if you have difficulty doing this and have no family member or friend to help you, we will provide someone ('an advocate') to help you
  • if you care for someone, you can have your needs assessed, along with the person you care for
  • if you need to use the value of your home to help pay for your care in a residential or nursing care home, you can be assessed to see if you are entitled to receive a 'deferred payment agreement' - this means you can delay repaying us until you choose to sell your home, or you no longer need residential care
  • there will be more information and advice available to you on this website to help you make decisions on the care and support that is right for you and to help you plan for the future