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Birth registration - COVID-19

Registrations are strictly by appointment only. If parents are married or in a civil partnership only one parent should attend the office.

If parents are unmarried or not in a civil partnership, and the father's/partner's details are to be recorded on the registration, both need to attend the appointment together.

Registrations will be taken on a strict timetable. If you are late for your appointment, we are sorry but we will be unable to accommodate you. You will asked to make a new appointment at a later date.

As health and wellbeing is our main priority, if you are exhibiting signs of illness that may be related to COVID-19 please do not attend.

On arrival and during your appointment you will be required to use hand sanitiser and comply with  social distancing and mask wearing. This requires you to stay 2 metres apart from other people at all times while inside the building, and on arrival and departure. If you have your own PPE please wear it to your appointment.  

Customer toilets, baby changing and feeding facilities are available should you require them. They are cleaned daily and touch points are cleaned throughout the day but customers use them at their own risk.

Please be aware that the main Civic Centre building is closed and access can only be made through the Registrars entrance.


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