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Garden waste bin

Subscriptions for garden waste collections in 2024 are now open.

If you have multiple garden waste bins, you need one subscription per bin. Subscriptions cost £36 for a total of 15 collections, collected every fortnight between April and October. 

Once subscribed we will send you a garden waste collection sticker. This can take up to 15 working days. Once you receive the sticker please attach it to the bin and leave your bin out for collection on your scheduled collection date. The sticker must be attached to the bin or it will not be collected.

We will not collect your bin until you receive the sticker.

If you're not sure if you've already subscribed this year, you can use the form to check.

Sign up to garden waste collections


- Overview
- What's allowed in your garden waste bin
- What's not allowed in your garden waste bin
- Order a garden waste bin
- Return a garden waste bin
- Garden waste bin stickers


Garden waste collections require a subscription and usually take place fortnightly between April and October.

Bin collections start from 7.30am and can finish as late as 5pm.

Your garden waste collection may have changed to a different week this year. Please check the calendar in your pack, or use the bin collection day checker to check your collection dates.

If you are having trouble putting out your bin, you can and our crews will collect the bin from your property.

What's allowed in your garden waste bin

Do not wrap or bag your garden waste before putting it in the bin.

What's allowed

  • grass cuttings
  • hedge trimmings
  • leaves, flowers and plants
  • small branches and twigs (less than 5cm diameter)
  • small amounts of turf or soil

Make sure any loose garden waste is contained within the bin with the lid closed. We won't be able to remove any extra waste left beside the bin.

What's not allowed in your garden waste bin

Do not place any of the following items in your garden waste bin as these items will contaminate the load and make it unsuitable for composting.

What's not allowed

  • stones
  • kitchen or food waste
  • plastics, including flower pots and seed trays
  • pet fouling or cat litter
  • large branches, timber or planks of wood
  • metal, glass, paper or cardboard
  • general household waste

Order a garden waste bin

Before you can subscribe to garden waste collections, you need to have a garden waste bin.

If you're eligible for a garden waste bin, you can order a bin. A new garden waste bin delivery costs £36. You also need to subscribe to garden waste collections if you want the bin emptied.

Not every property in Gateshead is eligible for a garden waste bin. Collections may not be available in your area because:

  • we do not currently carry out collections in your area
  • accessibility to the street or property is restricted
  • it is a commercial or trade property

Once you have ordered your first bin, you can order as many additional garden bins as you want. Each bin needs its own subscription to be collected.

If your bin is lost or stolen, you should order replacement bins. This ensures we have the right records for your property.

Order a garden waste bin

Return a garden waste bin

If you no longer need your garden waste bin, you can request that we collect it free of charge.

Be aware that if you return your bin and need one again in future, you will need to pay for a replacement bin. The charge is £36 per garden waste bin.

Where possible, we encourage residents to keep their garden waste bins even if they are not using them regularly.

Bins make great garden storage units or they can be used for home composting from fruit and veg peels.

To return a garden waste bin, call our customer services team on 0191 433 7000.

Garden waste bin stickers

If you subscribe between November and February, an information pack containing a calendar of collections and a sticker to attach to your bin will be sent to you by the end of March. If you subscribe after this date, you will usually receive your information pack and sticker within 15 working days.

Please attach the sticker to your bin before putting it out for collection.