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Better Broadband in Gateshead

Most areas of Gateshead have access to superfast broadband internet and a wide variety of digital services. However, some properties still suffer from slow speeds that limit residents and businesses to only the most basic of internet tasks.

The Better Broadband in Gateshead project aims to make sure that as many homes and businesses in Gateshead as possible can get access to fast broadband. Superfast and Gigabit internet access will help improve the lives of Gateshead residents and boost our local economy.

Go faster!

Step one - Check what services are available to your property

Most properties across the borough can now access fibre-based broadband through one or more of the two main network providers listed below. Each has a postcode checker on their website that can help confirm if services are available:

Openreach postcode checker (opens new window)

Virgin shop broadband (opens new window)

In order to benefit, you will need to upgrade to a 'fibre' package - the change in speeds does not happen automatically when they are made available.

Step two - Compare packages and prices

If you are in a contract with your current provider, you can ask them about a possible upgrade.

If you are not in a contract, broadband comparison sites can sometimes help you find the best deal - remember to look for 'fibre' packages. Ofcom has a number of approved websites (opens new window). Other comparison sites are also available.

Step three - Place an order with your chosen provider

Confirm what guaranteed minimum and range of download and upload speeds you should expect before signing up.

Step four- Enjoy the benefits of faster broadband speeds!

Fibre not available?

If fibre broadband isn't currently provided to your property there could be several options available to you.

If you can't get a broadband connection with a minimum download speed of 10Mb and an upload speed of 1Mb then you may be eligible to request an upgrade under Ofcom's Broadband Universal Service Obligation. (opens new window).  

If you are located in a rural area you may be able to benefit from a voucher to help fund an upgraded connection from the Government's Rural Gigabit Scheme (opens new window).

Also, you can register interest in getting connected to fibre broadband directly with the fibre network providers:

  • Virgin Media's Project Lightning is extending coverage of their network to millions more homes and businesses in the UK. If you live in an area where Virgin Media cable services are not currently available, you can register your interest on their website. (opens new window)
  • CityFibre is investing millions of pounds to provide full fibre Gigabit broadband to thousands of homes and businesses in Gateshead, and you can see what they're doing and register interest in becoming connected to their network on their website. (opens new window)
  • Openreach regularly looks at extending its fibre network and you can check what's available and register your interest (opens new window) in updates about faster broadband for your property.

Contact us

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