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Bin decontamination

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We provide a service to decontaminate recycling and garden waste bins.

Contamination is when items are in the wrong bin, for example food waste in your recycling bin. For recycling, it also means unwashed or dirty items in the bin.

Find out more about how to avoid contaminating your bin.

We don't

  • clean your bin - we will only remove the contaminated items from your bin. If you wish to have your bin cleaned, you should contact a commercial bin cleaning company
  • remove builders rubble or hazardous waste


Bin sizeCharge
Small bin (140 litres)£7
Standard bin (240 litres)£12
Large bin (360 litres)£18.50

Request bin decontamination

We will ask you for the following information when requesting bin decontamination:

  • your address
  • which bin needs to be decontaminated
  •  what size your bin is
  • the reason your bin needs to be decontaminated

Request bin decontamination