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Parking, roads and transport

Changes to road layouts in Gateshead Town Centre

We are making a number of changes to road layouts within Gateshead town centre. This is to: 

  • prepare for major changes associated with air quality which will significantly affect vehicle access to the Tyne Bridge
  • improve cycling and walking links between Gateshead and Newcastle and the Quays
  • limit the flows of through-traffic through Gateshead town centre

Find out more about the changes

An image relating to Parking
Information on car parks and on-street parking, parking tickets, permits, badges and more.
An image relating to Roadworks
See live incidents, closures, diversions and roadworks on our interactive map of Gateshead.
An image relating to Roads, highways and pavements
Report a problem or find information on road closures, signage, works and more.
An image relating to Bus lanes
Information on bus lanes, bus lane enforcement and PCNs.
An image relating to Transport planning
Learn more about the Local Transport Plan, the NE Road Safety Project and other activities.
An image relating to Report a problem on the roads
Report a road or footpath problem.
An image relating to Public rights of way
Learn about public rights of way in Gateshead, as well as dog walking, green land and more.
An image relating to Highways Asset Management Plan
Learn how we ensure that resources for highway maintenance are used to maximum effect.
An image relating to Highway maintenance schemes
A list of recently completed and upcoming highways programmes and schemes throughout Gateshead.

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