Parking, roads and transport

Information on car parks and on-street parking, parking tickets, permits, badges and more.
Roads, highways and pavements
Report a problem or find information on road closures, signage, works and more.
See live incidents, closures, diversions and roadworks on our interactive map of Gateshead.
Transport planning
Learn more about the Local Transport Plan, the NE Road Safety Project and other activities.
Report a problem on the roads
Report a road or footpath problem.
Public rights of way
Learn about public rights of way in Gateshead, as well as dog walking, green land and more.
Highways Asset Management Plan
Learn how we ensure that resources for highway maintenance are used to maximum effect.
Flood Risk Management Strategy
As the lead local flood authority we are responsible for managing flood risk within the borough.
Highway maintenance schemes
A list of recently completed and upcoming highways programmes and schemes throughout Gateshead.

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