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Electric vehicle (EV) charge points in Gateshead

We are keen to promote electric vehicles (EV). We are working to extend our network of charging points across our car parks. 

Facts and information about the location of charging points can be found at

EV charge point locations in Gateshead
Civic centre (the canopy charging points are available to the public)email
Crosskeys LaneCharge your car
Front Street car parkCharge your car
Gateshead Leisure CentreElectric Blue Charge your car
Swinburne Street car parkCharge your car 
Birtley Leisure CentreCharge your car
Heworth Leisure CentreCharge your car
Saltwell ParkCharge your car
Gateshead International StadiumCharge your car
Back Walker Terrace - taxis onlySwarco

Contact the operator if you have any enquiries about the charging points at these locations.

Visit car parks for more information about facilities at car parks managed by us.

EV charging for taxis

We have installed EV charging for taxis in Back Walker Terrace car park.

For more information visit Swarco E.Connect.

EV charging points for Co-wheels cars

Dedicated charging points for Co-wheels cars are available at Cross Keys Lane, Gateshead Leisure Centre and the Civic Centre.

For more information contact Charge your car

EV charging and business

There are opportunities to get support for funding the introduction of charging points at businesses.

To find out more read our news item.

Information about the location of charging points operated by businesses, shops and other organisations can be found at

Properties with off-street parking (a drive or garage)

If your property has off-street parking then a household charging point can be installed.

For more information visit Energy saving trust UK

EV charging cables and pavements

Unfortunately we cannot support the running of cables (with or without cable tunnels) across pavements. These can become a risk and create a tripping hazard for pedestrians. Even use of a cable cover is not supported as these can be displaced and enforcement action may need to be taken by us under the Highways Act.

We recognise the difficulties for people living in flats or terraced houses without off street parking. To help with this we are working to increase the numbers of chargers at other locations.

For more information visit Energy saving trust UK

Additional EV charge points

We are about to launch charging points at Heworth North (long stay) car park. These will be operated by Hubsta UK.

Charging points are being installed at the Angel of the North and will be operated by FastNed.

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