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Asbestos in your home

If you find asbestos in and around your home or commercial property, you should get professional advice. Contact a licensed asbestos removal company for information about its removal and disposal.

Read the Health and Safety Executive information about where you may find asbestos in your home (opens new window).

You can find information about asbestos removal on:

Find out about asbestos risk after a fire

Asbestos collection service

We offer an asbestos collection service from domestic properties in Gateshead. We will not collect any asbestos which has been removed by someone else or left over from contract work. 

For advice about asbestos removal when getting work done, visit the Health and Safety Executive website (opens new window).

We can arrange to collect cement bound asbestos only, the type that you may discover in your garage or shed,for example corrugated roofing, drainpipes or sheets. 

Any other type of asbestos will require removal by a specialist company.

Important information about our collection service:

  • material will only be collected from domestic properties
  • there is a limit of 14 bags weighing no more than 25kg each, or 12 sheets of 3ft by 6ft
  • smaller or broken pieces of asbestos must double-bagged for removal, and fully sealed with duct tape with no tears or holes evident - strong fertiliser type bags are recommended
  • asbestos sheets must be double wrapped for removal, and fully sealed with duct tape with no tears or holes evident - Damp-Proof Membrane (DPM) is the recommended plastic sheeting for wrapping asbestos sheets, which can be purchased from builders merchants
  • the bags / wrapped sheets must be of a manageable and liftable size
  • the asbestos must be easily accessible for collection

The service is free of charge but may be refused, if:

  • there are more than 12 sheets of asbestos 3 x 6 feet in size OR more than 14 bags weighing 25kg each in total
  • the asbestos is not double wrapped in thick plastic bags or sheets and taped at the ends or at any joints
  • any holes or tears in the wrapping or bags are evident
  • the wrapping is inadequate and may break during transit - strong fertiliser type bags are recommended, or damp proof membrane (DPM) for wrapping.

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