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Asbestos risk after a fire

Please be reassured that the risks to health are low and there is unlikely to be any significant exposure to asbestos following fires involving materials containing asbestos. 

There is no direct evidence of long-term health risks from fires involving asbestos containing materials, but it is sensible that any asbestos containing debris is removed to minimise any potential exposure.

If residents do find any suspect debris from the fire (such as corrugated roofing, drainpipes or sheets) on their property, please do not touch it and call us on 0191 433 3000 or request an asbestos collection.

If it is absolutely necessary to move or remove debris yourself (for example, from a car windscreen) first damp down the debris using water and gently flush away small particles to the drain, wearing protective gloves to prevent scratches. Do not sweep up or vacuum debris as this could create airborne dust.

If you experience any symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, watery eyes or cough as a result of the fire please contact your GP or NHS 111.