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Planning Policy and Local Plan

An image relating to Local Plan
The Local Plan consists of a number of planning policies for future development in Gateshead.
An image relating to Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan
A strategic planning framework that will guide development in Newcastle and Gateshead to 2030.
An image relating to Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)
SPDs set out more detailed guidance around specific issues, such as urban design and alterations to houses.
An image relating to Unitary Development Plan (UDP)
A number of UDP policies are saved and will remain part of Gateshead's Local Plan until they are superseded.
An image relating to Have your say on planning policy
Find out how you can be involved and comment on the latest planning policies in Gateshead
An image relating to Gateshead Community Infrastructure Levy
A levy charged on some developments helps to pay for infrastructure needed as Gateshead grows.

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