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Coronavirus (COVID-19)
View the latest COVID-19 information and advice, including details of the local restrictions.

Bins and recycling

Our household waste and recycling centres are now open following social distancing guidelines.

Journeys to waste sites are only allowed under the lockdown restrictions if the waste materials cannot be stored at home without causing risk of injury or harm to health. To make sure that our facilities can operate within the guidelines, and to protect the safety of our staff and our residents, there are restrictions in place.

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Missed garden waste collections in 2020

If you subscribed to the 2020 collection service you will automatically receive a reduction for the three missed collections in 2020 when you sign up for the 2021 service.

If you subscribed before 1 February 2020, you will receive a reduction of £6.20 on next year's subscription. This is the cost of three collections at the early-bird rate of £31.

If you subscribed between 1 February and 24 March 2020, you will receive a reduction of £6.60. This is the cost of three collections at the full price of £33 for 15 collections.

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Coronavirus: Advice for handling your household waste

We are planning to do everything we can to ensure household waste and recycling is collected during the coronavirus outbreak. 

To help protect our crews and you and your family, we have published advice on how to handle your waste.

View the advice
An image relating to Bin collection day checker
Find out when your bins will be collected.
An image relating to Report a missed bin collection
Let us know if your bin hasn't been collected.
An image relating to Bulky waste
Arrange for a bulky household waste collection.
An image relating to Waste permits
Find out about waste permits and which vehicles need them to use our HWRCs.
An image relating to A-Z of recycling
Find out what materials you can and can't recycle, and where you can take them.
An image relating to Recycling
Find out about our waste and recycling centres, bring banks and communal recycling facilities
An image relating to Household waste bin
Information on your green household waste bin, including usage, collection and the cost of replacements
An image relating to Recycling bin
Information on your blue recycling bin, including what you can recycle, collection and cost
An image relating to Garden waste bin
Information about our garden waste service including cost, collection information and what can go in your bin

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