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Bins and recycling

Coronavirus: Advice for handling your household waste

We are planning to do everything we can to ensure household waste and recycling is collected during the coronavirus outbreak. 

To help protect our crews and you and your family, we have published advice on how to handle your waste.

View the advice


Find out when your bins will be collected.
Let us know if your bin was not collected by our waste crews.
Arrange for a bulky household waste collection.
You need a permit to use our household waste and recycling centres in a van, pick-up truck, car with a trailer, or other commercial vehicle.
Find out what materials you can and can't recycle, and where you can take them.
Information on your blue recycling bin, including what you can recycle, collection and cost
Information on your green household waste bin, including usage, collection and the cost of replacements
Information about our garden waste service including cost, collection information and what can go in your bin
Request temporary or permanent help taking out your bins.
Order new bins for a new build or a property with no previous bins.
Request that we repair or replace a damaged, lost, stolen or missing bin.
Request an additional household, recycling or garden waste bin.
We offer a complete business waste collection service at a competitive price.
Find out about the benefits of composting and how you can get involved.
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