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Bins and recycling

Garden waste collections

Subscriptions for garden waste collections in 2020 are now open. 

If you sign up before Saturday 1 February 2020, you will get a whole season of collections for the reduced price of £31.

You can also register for a My Gateshead account and we'll remember your details the next time you visit.

If you're not sure if you've already subscribed this year, you can use the form to check.

Find out about garden waste collections
An image relating to Bin collection day checker
Find out when your bins will be collected.
An image relating to Report a missed bin collection
Let us know if your bin hasn't been collected.
An image relating to Bulky waste
Arrange for a bulky household waste collection.
An image relating to Waste permits
You need a permit to use our household waste and recycling centres in a van, pick-up truck, car with a trailer, or other commercial vehicle.
An image relating to A-Z of recycling
Find out what materials you can and can't recycle, and where you can take them.
An image relating to Recycling
Find out about our waste and recycling centres, bring banks and communal recycling facilities
An image relating to Household waste bin
Information on your green household waste bin, including usage, collection and the cost of replacements
An image relating to Recycling bin
Information on your blue recycling bin, including what you can recycle, collection and cost
An image relating to Garden waste bin
Information about our garden waste service including cost, collection information and what can go in your bin

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