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Coronavirus (COVID-19)
View the latest COVID-19 information and advice, including details of the local restrictions.

Household waste and recycling centres

Our household waste and recycling centres are now open but strict social distancing requirements are still in place.

Please only visit if it's essential.

Journeys to waste sites are only allowed under the lockdown restrictions if the waste materials cannot be stored at home without causing risk of injury or harm to health. To make sure that our facilities can operate within the guidelines, and to protect the safety of our staff and our residents, there are restrictions in place:

  • anyone in self isolation or with COVID-19 symptoms must not visit under any circumstances
  • if your household has had Covid-19 symptoms the waste should be left for 72 hours before being brought to site, and the waste should be double bagged 
  • follow the new odd and even car number plate system to access the site to help manage traffic and reduce queuing 
  • only cars, car-derived vans, pick ups and cars towing trailers will be allowed on site
  • if your vehicle is eligible to visit the recycling centres with a trailer, you must apply for a permit
  • no large vans or commercial vehicles of any type will be allowed on site until further notice
  • cars with trailers, eligible 4x4 vehicles with trailers, car-derived vans and pick up vehicles will require a permit
  • the permit system for large vans is suspended until further notice
  • social distancing at 2 metres will be strictly enforced and staff cannot assist the public in unloading
  • only one person can leave the vehicle while on site, unless the item is heavy then one other adult from the same household can help
  • only one person is allowed onto the gantries overlooking the skips at any one time, unless an item is too heavy and then one other person from the same car will be allowed to help
  • traffic management will be in place at the site and priority will be given to bin wagons 
  • sites will be regularly cleaned
  • proof of address may be required, please display in car windscreen
  • you should wash your hands before and after visiting sites and avoid touching your face

You may have to queue before you are allowed entry into the sites. This is because there will be limits on the numbers of people that can be in the site at any one time.

Before travelling to a household waste and recycling centre, you should consider:

  • storing items at home
  • making use of retailer take-back services
  • giving away items on reuse websites such as Freecycle and Freegle or on local social media groups
  • checking the Reuse Network to see if small businesses or charities in your area can mend or repurpose your furniture and appliances instead
  • using a private registered waste collection company, although there will be a cost if you do this and you should make sure the person collecting your waste is on the Environment Agency register

Opening times

Both of our recycling centres are open seven days a week, all year round excluding Christmas Day.

Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm

Saturday and Sunday - 9am to 6pm

Campground household waste and recycling centre, Wrekenton

Springwell Road, Wrekenton, Gateshead NE9 7XW

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Cowen Road household waste and recycling centre, Blaydon

Cowen Road, Blaydon, Gateshead NE21 5TW

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What waste you can bring

  • bagged general household waste
  • garden waste
  • cardboard 
  • wood
  • bulky waste such as old furniture 
  • small domestic appliances which do not need help from staff to be lifted, for example vacuum cleaners, toasters, kettles, microwaves, lawnmowers
  • televisions and computers
  • small fridges
  • metals
  • soil
  • rubble (up to 6 bin bags)
  • plasterboard
  • large electrical appliances, for example ovens
  • fluorescent tubes
  • engine and vegetable oil
  • textiles
  • household recycling for example plastic, cans, glass, papers

Odd and even number plate system

We expect our recycling centres will be extremely busy. We are temporarily introducing an odd and even number plate system to help us manage traffic and reduce queuing. This means you can only visit the recycling centres on certain days depending on your vehicle number plate.

How it works

If the last number of your vehicle number plate is 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8 this is an even number plate.

Examples of even number plates:


The last number is 4.

Even example 1

V952 GHD

The last number is 2.

Even example 2


The last number is 0.

Even example 3

If the last number of your vehicle number plate is 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 this is an odd number plate.

Examples of odd number plates:


The last number is 5.

Odd example 1

Y247 NJF

The last number is 7.

Odd example 2


The last number is 3.

Odd example 3

Please only visit on the day indicated below.

DateVehicle number plates
Monday 19 OctoberOdd
Tuesday 20 OctoberEven
Wednesday 21 OctoberOdd
Thursday 22 OctoberEven
Friday 23 OctoberOdd
Saturday 24 OctoberEven
Sunday 25 OctoberOdd
Monday 26 OctoberEven
Tuesday 27 October Odd
Wednesday 28 OctoberEven
Thursday 29 October Odd
Friday 30 OctoberEven
Saturday 31 October Odd
Sunday 1 NovemberOdd
Monday 2 NovemberEven
Tuesday 3 NovemberOdd
Wednesday 4 NovemberEven
Thursday 5 NovemberOdd
Friday 6 NovemberEven
Saturday 7 NovemberOdd
Sunday 8 NovemberEven
Monday 9 NovemberOdd
Tuesday 10 NovemberEven
Wednesday 11 NovemberOdd
Thursday 12 NovemberEven
Friday 13 NovemberOdd
Saturday 14 NovemberEven
Sunday 15 NovemberOdd
Monday 16 NovemberEven
Tuesday 17 November Odd
Wednesday 18 November Even
Thursday 19 November Odd
Friday 20 NovemberEven
Saturday 21 NovemberOdd
Sunday 22 NovemberEven

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