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Highway maintenance schemes

Highways maintenance funding - November 2018

In the 2018 Budget, the Government allocated £420 million funding in the 2018/19 financial year for local highways maintenance including the repair of potholes, to keep local bridges and structures open and safe, as well as to help aid other minor highway works that may be needed. We received £1.214 million of capital funding from this in November 2018 for works in the 2018/19 financial year. Despite the significant challenge to plan and deliver such a significant level of works in the available timeframe this was achieved through spending in a number of maintenance areas as set out below.

Maintenance type2018/19 Spend (000's)
Classified road resurfacing250
Strategic patching694
Street lighting270

Highway Maintenance Scheme Programme 2019/2020

Classified and Bus Routes (non-residential roads)

 Scheme No. Location Target dateDescription of works 
 2019/SMP/01A167 Tyne Bridge Approach Road, GatesheadCompletedReconstruct / resurface carriageway
2019/SMP/02A692 Gateshead Road, SunnisideCompleted Reconstruct / resurface carriageway
2019/SMP/03A694 Lockhaugh Road, Rowlands Gill CompletedReconstruct / resurface carriageway
2019/SM/01 C302 Lead Road, Greenside Completed Reconstruct / resurface carriageway
2019/SM/02 B6317 Main Road, Ryton CompletedReconstruct / resurface carriageway
2019/SM/04C322 Saltmeadows Road, Saltmeadows CompletedReconstruct / resurface carriageway
2019/SM/06 C330 Portobello Road, VigoCompletedReconstruct / resurface carriageway
2019/SM/07 B1288 Leam Lane, Leam LaneCompleted Reconstruct / resurface carriageway
2019/SM/R01C303 Newburn Bridge Road, StellaCompletedReconstruct / resurface carriageway
2019/SM/X01B1426 Sunderland Road, Heworth February 2020Reconstruct / resurface carriageway / highway drainage
2019/SM/X02Heddon View, BlaydonCompletedReconstruct / resurface carriageway

Unclassified (residential roads and non-bus routes)

 Scheme No.Location  Target Date Description of works
 2019/MP/01 Albert St / Alexandra St Access, Victoria Garesfield February 2020Overlay carriageway 
2019/MP/03Caledonia, WinlatonCompletedOverlay carriageway
2019/MP/04Northlands, BlaydonCompletedResurface carriageway
2019/MP/05North View, WhickhamCompletedReconstruct / resurface carriageway
2019/MP/07Orchard Road / Duckpool Lane, WhickhamCompletedReconstruct / resurface carriageway
2019/MP/08First Avenue, Team ValleyCompletedReconstruct / resurface carriageway
2019/MP/09Salcombe Gardens, ChowdeneCompletedRefurbish footways 
2019/MP/11Pottersway, Carr Hill November 2019Resurface carriageway and highway drainage
2019/MP/12Shincliffe Gardens, Wrekenton CompletedResurface carriageway
2019/MP/13Holly Hill, FellingCompletedResurface carriageway 
2019/MP/14 Montrose Drive, Wardley Completed Reconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2019/MP/X01 Vigo Estate, Birtley CompletedRefurbish footways and kerbing 
2019/MP/X02Hanover Drive, Winlaton February 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2019/MP/X03Green Lane Industrial Estate, PelawCompletedReconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2019/MP/X04 Cochran Street, Blaydon November 2019 Resurface carriageway 
2019/MP/X05Coburg Street, GatesheadCompletedOverlay carriageway
2019/MP/X06Bewick Road, GatesheadCompletedOverlay carriageway
2019/MP/X07Poplar Crescent, DunstonCompletedOverlay carriageway

Back lanes

 Scheme No.Location Target date  Description of works
2019/BL/01Wellfield Road, Highfield February 2020Overlay carriageway
2019/BL/02Napier Road / Park Terrace, SwalwellCompletedResurface carriageway
2019/BL/03Church Street / Glamis Terrace, Marley Hill November 2019Overlay carriageway
2019/BL/04Johnson Street / Keppel Street, Dunston November 2019Resurface carriageway
2019/BL/05Moore Avenue / Whickham Avenue, DunstonNovember 2019Resurface carriageway 
2019/BL/06Donside, Leam Lane February 2020Resurface carriageway
2019/BL/07Duke Street / York Street, Pelaw February 2020Resurface carriageway
2019/BL/R03 Meresyde / Fossefeld, Leam Lane February 2020Overlay carriageway
2019/BL/X01 Dorset Avenue / Elgin Place, Birtley Completed Overlay carriageway
2019/BL/X02Haig Street, DunstonCompletedOverlay carriageway

Surface dressing (rural roads)

 Scheme No.Location Target date  Description of works
2019/SD/01 C312 Lamesley Road, Lamesley & Birtley CompletedPrepatch and surface dress
2019/SD/02 Thornley Lane, Winlaton MillCompletedPrepatch, surface dress and drainage 
2019/SD/X01Birkheads Lane, LamesleyCompletedPrepatch and surface dress


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