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Highway maintenance schemes

Highway Maintenance Scheme Programme 2020/21

Classified and Bus Routes (non-residential roads)

Scheme numberLocationTarget dateDescription of works
2020/SMP/01 A692 Lobley Hill Road, Marley Hill Autumn 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2020/SMP/02 A1114 Handy Drive, Metrocentre Autumn / winter 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway and footway 
2020/SMP/03 A189 Askew Road / Redheugh Bridge Slip Road, Redheugh Autumn 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2020/SMP/04 A167 Durham Road, Birtley Autumn 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2020/SMP/R02 A184 Oakwellgate, Gateshead Autumn 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2020/SMP/X01 A1231 Mill House Roundabout, Birtley Autumn 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2020/SM/01 C303 Newburn Bridge Road, Stella Autumn / winter 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway and highway drainage 
2020/SM/02 Shibdon Bank, Blaydon Autumn 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway and footway 
2020/SM/03 B6316 Whaggs Lane, Whickham Autumn 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2020/SM/04 B6317 Front Street, Whickham Autumn 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway and footway 
2020/SM/05 C325 Station Road, Low Fell Autumn 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2020/SM/06 Coatsworth Road, Bensham Autumn 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2020/SM/07 High Street, Gateshead Autumn / winter 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2020/SM/08 C330 Portobello Road, Vigo Autumn 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2020/SM/09 C328 High Heworth Lane, Heworth Autumn 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2020/SM/R04 C326 Team Street, Teams Autumn 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2020/SM/X01 B1426 Sunderland Road, Heworth Autumn 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2020/SM/X02 C306 Birkland Lane / Birkheads Lane, Lamesley Autumn 2020 Resurface carriageway 

Unclassified (residential roads and non-bus routes)

Scheme NumberLocation Target Date Description of works 
2020/MP/01 Coalburns Cottages, Coalburns Autumn / winter 2020 Resurface carriageway 
2020/MP/02 Wingrove, Rowlands Gill Autumn / winter 2020 Resurface carriageway 
2020/MP/03 Ramsay Street, Winlaton Autumn / winter 2020 Overlay carriageway 
2020/MP/04 Lambton Avenue, Whickham Autumn / winter 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2020/MP/05 Coalway Drive, Whickham Autumn 2020 Resurface carriageway 
2020/MP/06 Ropery Road, Teams Autumn 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2020/MP/07 Second Avenue, Team Valley Autumn 2020 Reconstruct / resurface 
2020/MP/08 Salcombe Gardens, Chowdene Autumn / winter 2020 Refurbish footways and kerbing 
2020/MP/09 East Park Road, Low Fell Autumn / winter 2020 Overlay carriageway, kerbing and drainage 
2020/MP/10 Dryden Road / Durham Road Link Road, Low Fell Autumn / winter 2020 Overlay carriageway 
2020/MP/11 Thames Street, Deckham Autumn / winter 2020 Reconstruct / resurface carriageway 
2020/MP/12 Windy Nook Road, Sheriff Hill Autumn / winter 2020 Resurface carriageway 
2020/MP/13 Fox Street, Felling Autumn / winter 2020 Resurface carriageway 
2020/MP/14 Hartside, Vigo Autumn / winter 2020 Resurface carriageway 
2020/MP/15 Kellsway, Leam Lane Autumn / winter 2020 Resurface carriageway 
2020/MP/16 Harvey Crescent, Wardley Autumn / winter 2020 Refurbish footways and kerbing 
2020/MP/R03 Beverley Road, Low Fell Autumn / winter 2020 Resurface footways and kerbing 
2020/MP/X01 Hanover Drive, Winlaton Autumn / winter 2020 Resurface carriageway 

Back lanes

Scheme NumberLocation Target Date Description of works
2020/BL/01 Wear Street / Tees Street, Chopwell Autumn / winter 2020 Overlay carriageway 
2020/BL/02 Simpson Street / Coronation Street, Crookhill Autumn / winter 2020 Overlay carriageway 
2020/BL/03 Dewhurst Crescent / Elm Crescent, Sunniside Autumn / winter 2020 Resurface carriageway 
2020/BL/04 Ede Avenue / Whickham Avenue, Dunston Autumn / winter 2020 Resurface carriageway 
2020/BL/05 Coatsworth Road, Shipcote Autumn / winter 2020 Overlay carriageway 
2020/BL/06 Woodwynd, Leam Lane Autumn / winter 2020 Resurface carriageway 
2020/BL/07 King Street, Pelaw Autumn / winter 2020 Refurbish carriageway 
2020/BL/08 Whinbrooke, Leam Lane Autumn / winter 2020 Resurface carriageway 
2020/BL/X01 Axwell Terrace / Napier Road, Swalwell Autumn / winter 2020 Overlay carriageway 

Surface dressing (rural roads)

Scheme NumberLocation Target Date Description of works 
2020/SD/01 C308 Pennyfine Road, Sunniside / Lamesley Autumn 2020 Prepatch and surface dress 
2020/SD/02 C317 Rockcliffe Way / Sheddons Hill Road, Eighton Banks Autumn 2020 Prepatch and surface dress 
2020/SD/R01 Bradley Fell Road / Kyo Bogg Lane, Greenside / Crawcrook Autumn 2020 Prepatch, surface dress and drainage 


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