Highway maintenance schemes

Highway Maintenance Scheme Programme 2017/2018

Classified and Bus Routes (non-residential roads)

 Scheme No. Location Target dateDescription of works 
 2017/SMP/01 A692 Lobely Hill Road, Lobley HillSummer 2017 Resurface carriageway and footway resurfacing
 2017/SMP/02 A167 Durham Road, BirtleyCompleted Reconstruct / resurface carriageway
2017/SMP/03A1231 Portobello Road, BirtleySummer 2017Reconstruct / resurface carriageway
2017/SMP/03A1231 Portobello Road, BirtleySummer 2017Reconstruct / resurface carriageway
2017/SM/01C301 Greenside Road, CrawcrookCompletedReconstruct / resurface carriageway
2017/SM/02B6317 Main Road, RytonCompletedReconstruct / resurface carriageway
2017/SM/03B6317 Shibdon Road, BlaydonCompletedResurface carriageway
2017/SM/04C324 Kingsway South, Team ValleyCompletedReconstruct / resurface carriageway
2017/SM/07B1296 Old Durham Road, DeckhamJanuary / February 2018Reconstruct / resurface carriageway
2017/SM/R02Nest Road, FellingSummer 2017Reconstruct / resurface carriageway
2017/SM/X01Front Street, WhickhamSummer 2017Reconstruct / resurface carriageway

Unclassified (residential roads and non-bus routes)

 Scheme No.Location  Target Date Description of works
 2017/MP/01 Moorland View, Chopwell November / December 2018 Resurface carriageway
 2017/MP/02 Railway Access Road, Clara Vale Completed Resurface carriageway
2017/MP/04Whitmore Road Area, BlaydonNovember / December 2018Resurface carriageway
2017/MP/05Napier Road, SwalwellNovember 2018Resurface carriageway
2017/MP/06Halifax Road, DunstonCompletedResurface carriageway
2017/MP/07Alderley Road, Low FellFebruary 2018Footway refurbishment
2017/MP/08Coulthards Lane, GatesheadCompletedResurface carriageway
2017/MP/09Woodford, AllerdeneNovember 2017Reconstruct / resurface carriageway
2017/MP/10Causeway, Sheriff HillCompletedResurface carriageway
2017/MP/11Shadon Way, PortobelloCompletedReconstruct / resurface carriageway
2017/MP/12Dundas Way, FellingFebruary 2018Reconstruct / resurface carriageway
2017/MP/13Coniston, PelawOctober 2017Resurface carriageway
2017/MP/14The Paddock, Leam LaneCompletedResurface carriageway
2017/MP/R02Southend Road, Beacon LoughCompletedReconstruct / resurface carriageway

Back lanes

 Scheme No.LocationTarget DateLocation Target date  Description of works
 2017/BL/01 Hollings Terrace / Ravenside Terrace, Chopwell November 2017 Resurface carriageway
 2017/BL/02 Parsons Gardens / Tyndal Gardens / Barry Street, Dunston Completed Resurface carriageway
 2017/BL/03 Dryden Road / Devon Gardens, Shipcote Completed Resurface carriageway
 2017/BL/04 Hartington Street / Granville Street, Gateshead November 2017 Resurface carriageway
2017/BL/05 Dorset Avenue, Barley Mow November 2017 Resurface carriageway 
 2017/BL/02X Fowler / Baker / Kelvin Gardens, Dunston December 2017 Resurface carriageway
 2017/BL/03X Devon Gardens / Essex, Shipcote November 2017 Resurface carriageway
 2017/BL/R01 Beaconsfield Road, Low Fell November / December 2017 Resurface carriageway


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