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The Council welcomes petitions and recognises that petitions are an important way in which people can let us know their concerns.

The Council has adopted a Petition Scheme, in accordance with the requirements of the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009, which sets out how the Council will respond to the petitions that it receives. A copy of the scheme can be accessed in the documents section at the bottom of this page.

The aim of the scheme is to help reinvigorate local democracy, by putting local authorities at the forefront of the drive to reconnect people with public decision making.

Petition requirements

A petition to the Council should relate to:

  • A matter which the Council has responsibility for; or
  • Anything related to the economic, social of environmental well-being of the borough, as long as the Council has a degree of influence over the issue

Please remember in order for a petition to be valid, the signatories must live, work or study within Gateshead borough.

Creating a petition

You can create an online petition and view existing online petitions (opens new window) or

Petitions can be sent to: 

Mike Barker 
Strategic Director Corporate Services and Governance
Civic Centre 
Regent Street 

The scheme provides further details in relation to what you should include in your petition and information on the types of petitions that fall outside of the requirements of the scheme.