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Waste permits

You need a waste permit to visit a household waste and recycling centre (HWRC) using certain vehicles. Permits are free of charge.

We issue permits to Gateshead and Sunderland residents. Sunderland residents can only use the Campground centre.

You do not need a permit to come to a HWRC by car. This includes estates, people carriers, 4x4s and registered mobility / wheelchair accessible vehicles under 5.5 metres. Book a time slot

Vehicle types that need a permit to visit a HWRC

  • vans
  • car-derived vans - visit the website (opens new window) for guidance if you are unsure if your vehicle meets this description
  • cars or motorcycles with a trailer
  • 4x4 vehicles with a trailer
  • 4x4 vehicles with rear panels in the place of windows or no rear seats
  • pickups with a rear flatbed (covered or uncovered)
  • minibuses
  • campervans

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After applying for your permit, you must book a time slot to visit a HWRC. You need a single permit and a booking for each visit.

When you arrive at the centre, show your booking reference email through your vehicle window so it can be scanned by site staff, along with your permit email.

Please read the information below before your visit.

Apply for a waste permit

These vehicles are not allowed at HWRCs

  • box-type vans
  • flatbed trucks
  • horseboxes
  • agricultural vehicles
  • any van with a trailer, including car-derived vans
  • 4x4 vehicles with rear panels and a trailer

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Pedestrian access is also not allowed.

About the permit

The person who applies for the permit must be the driver of the vehicle and they must have insurance to drive it.

Permits are sent by email. Download the permit to a mobile phone or tablet before visiting, or print it out if you don't have a mobile device.

You need a single permit and a booking per site visit, although you can request up to 3 permits per application.

Permits are valid for 28 days, starting from the day you apply.

You can apply for a maximum of 12 permits a year from 1 April to 31 March (restriction applies to vehicles, properties and individuals). Even if you don't use your permit, it will count towards your 12 permit limit. Limits are reset each year on 1 April.

Having a permit does not guarantee entry to the HWRC.

About the vehicle

The vehicle details must match those on the permit.

The vehicle must be 5.5 metres or under in length, bumper to bumper.

Trailers must be 3 metres or under in length from tow bar to end.

The vehicles must be under 2.3 metres in height - there is a height barrier in use.

About the waste

The waste details must match those on the permit.

There are restrictions on the types of waste you can bring, including a limit of 6 bin bags of rubble.

Waste must come from your own property and not from a business.

Waste must not be hazardous. Examples of hazardous waste include asbestos, garden pesticides, chemicals and flammable solvents.

There is a limit of one tonne per load, no matter what vehicle or trailer you use.

Alternative ways to dispose of unwanted items

You should consider other ways to dispose of your items. Giving away furniture and other items in good condition to be reused or repurposed is more environmentally-friendly.

​​​​​​​Find out more ways to reduce and reuse

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