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Local election results 2014

PartySeats +/- 
Labour55 0
Liberal Democrat110
Liberal 00

Full Results

WardPartyCandidateNo. of votes% votes polledMajority
BirtleyThe Labour PartyPaul Foy1,20855.6%465
BirtleyThe Liberal PartyKathy King74334.2% 
BirtleyThe Conservative PartyAndrea Gatiss22010.1% 
BlaydonThe Labour PartyKathryn Ferdinand1,30257.7%682
BlaydonLiberal DemocratStuart John McClurey1285.7% 
BlaydonThe Conservative PartyEdward Ainscow2059.1% 
BlaydonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Glynis Leggatt62027 
BridgesThe Labour PartyAngela Douglas1,06561.1%661
BridgesLiberal DemocratPhil Hunter1267.2% 
BridgesThe Conservative PartyJohn Gardiner1498.5% 
BridgesUK Independence Party (UKIP)Tom Hall40423.2% 
Chopwell and Rowlands GillThe Labour PartyLynne Caffrey1,70760.0%989
Chopwell and Rowlands GillLiberal DemocratAmelia Louise Lowery1675.9% 
Chopwell and Rowlands GillThe Conservative PartyKarl Gatiss2548.9% 
Chopwell and Rowlands GillUK Independence Party (UKIP)Dave Brothers71825.2% 
ChowdeneThe Labour PartyMaureen Goldsworthy1,69765.5%1,214
ChowdeneLiberal DemocratEdna May Graham1606.2% 
ChowdeneThe Conservative PartyJohn Callanan48318.7% 
ChowdeneTrade Unionists and Socialists Against CutsMark Robertson2499.6% 
Crawcrook and GreensideThe Labour PartyJack Graham1,56261.5%1,206
ChowdeneLiberal DemocratTom David Hancock35614.0% 
ChowdeneThe Conservative PartyJeremy Peter Fry30111.9% 
ChowdeneGreen PartyRalf Russow31912.6% 
DeckhamThe Labour PartyMartin Gannon1,32364.9%1,083
DeckhamLiberal DemocratDaniel Stephen Duggan1135.5% 
DeckhamThe Conservative PartyMay Ainscow24011.8% 
DeckhamGreen PartyGary Rutherford Brooks1849.0% 
DeckhamTrade Unionists and Socialists Against CutsCorrina Helene Smith1788.7% 
Dunston and TeamsThe Labour PartyPauline Dillon1,05358.4%585
Dunston and TeamsLiberal DemocratDavid Lumsden512.8% 
Dunston and TeamsThe Conservative PartyChristopher James Macallister1277.0% 
Dunston and TeamsGreen PartyAndy Blanchflower1045.8% 
Dunston and TeamsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Paul Innerd46826.0% 
Dunston Hill and Whickham EastThe Labour PartyAllison Elizabeth Chatto1,04637.1%78
Dunston Hill and Whickham EastLiberal DemocratKevin Philip McClurey96834.4% 
Dunston Hill and Whickham EastThe Conservative Party  Jak Hocking1675.9% 
Dunston Hill and Whickham EastGreen PartyMary Blanchflower1083.8% 
Dunston Hill and Whickham EastUK Independence Party (UKIP)Dot Lynch52718.7% 
FellingThe Labour PartyBill Dick1,11159.4%610
FellingLiberal DemocratIan Gill613.3% 
FellingThe Conservative PartyTrevor Charles Murray1427.6% 
FellingUK Independence Party (UKIP)Mick McGuire50126.8% 
FellingTrade Unionists and Socialists Against CutsSam Neill542.9% 
High FellThe Labour PartyDoreen Davidson1,10758.9%654
High FellLiberal DemocratNorman Spours633.4% 
High FellThe Conservative PartyEdward Bohill1367.2% 
High FellTrade Unionists and Socialists Against CutsElaine Brunskill1206.4% 
High FellUK Independence Party (UKIP)Albert Mac45324.1% 
LamesleyThe Labour PartyMary Foy1,39258.7%943
LamesleyThe Liberal PartyBetty Gallon2199.2% 
LamesleyThe Conservative PartySheila Everatt31113.1% 
LamesleyIndependentBrian Weatherburn44918.9% 
Lobley Hill and BenshamThe Labour PartyKevin Michael Dodds1,18248.9%478
Lobley Hill and BenshamLiberal DemocratDave G Fawcett1817.5% 
Lobley Hill and BenshamThe Conservative PartyValerie Bond1897.8% 
Lobley Hill and BenshamUK Independence Party (UKIP)Jenny Colls-Kitchener70429.2% 
Lobley Hill and BenshamGreen PartyAndy Redfern1596.6% 
Low FellThe Labour PartyStephen Gibson99731.9% 
Low FellLiberal Democrat Focus TeamSusan Craig1,34843.1%351
Low FellThe Conservative PartyPaul Sterling2136.8% 
Low FellPeople's Democratic PartyLee Robert Holmes301.0% 
Low FellUK Independence Party (UKIP)John Tennant53817.2% 
Pelaw and HeworthThe Labour PartyAnne Adelaide Wheeler1,09648.0%444
Pelaw and HeworthLiberal Democrat Focus TeamIan Patterson65228.5% 
Pelaw and HeworthThe Conservative PartyMaureen Moor954.2% 
Pelaw and HeworthUK Independence Party (UKIP)Mark Douglas44219.3% 
Ryton Crookhill and StellaThe Labour PartyJon Comb1,02733.2% 
Ryton Crookhill and StellaLiberal DemocratChristine Margaret McHatton1,15837.4%131
Ryton Crookhill and StellaThe Conservative PartyAntoinette Margaret Sterling902.9% 
Ryton Crookhill and StellaUK Independence Party (UKIP)Alan Robert Craig67121.7% 
Ryton Crookhill and StellaGreen PartySarah McKeown1494.8% 
SaltwellThe Labour PartyJohn Frederick Adams1,21862.0%804
SaltwellLiberal DemocratRobinson Geoffrey Stanaway1186.0% 
SaltwellThe Conservative PartyAlan Bond21310.9% 
SaltwellUK Independence Party (UKIP)John Kitchener41421.1% 
Wardley and Leam LaneThe Labour PartyPeter James Mole1,42965.0%1,059
Wardley and Leam LaneLiberal DemocratJohn Paul Diston1346.1% 
Wardley and Leam LaneThe Conservative PartyElizabeth Alexandrina Parker26612.1% 
Wardley and Leam LaneGreen PartyStephen Watson37016.8% 
Whickham NorthThe Labour PartyChris McHugh96334.2% 
Whickham NorthLiberal Democrat Focus TeamPeter Thomas Craig1,26444.9%301
Whickham NorthThe Conservative PartyBeryl Theresa Bennison1445.1% 
Whickham NorthUK Independence Party (UKIP)Andrea Wright44515.8% 
Whickham South and SunnisideThe Labour PartyPeter De-Vere61921.9% 
Whickham South and SunnisideLiberal DemocratMarilynn Ord1,51153.5%892
Whickham South and SunnisideThe Conservative PartyEdward Gardner Parker2147.6% 
Whickham South and SunnisideUK Independence Party (UKIP)Mark Bell43015.2% 
Whickham South and SunnisideTrade Unionists and Socialists Against CutsJoel Byers501.8% 
Windy Nook and WhitehillsLabourThomas Graham1,36458.9%730
Windy Nook and WhitehillsLiberal DemocratKaren Therese Crozier1054.5% 
Windy Nook and WhitehillsThe Conservative PartyKyle Murray1476.3% 
Windy Nook and WhitehillsTrade Unionists and Socialists Against CutsNorman Hall672.9% 
Windy Nook and WhitehillsUK Independence Party (UKIP)Bill McGough63427.4% 
Winlaton and High SpenThe Labour PartyMarilyn Charlton1,41352.3%644
Winlaton and High SpenLiberal DemocratSandra McClurey1395.1% 
Winlaton and High SpenThe Conservative PartyDiana Maria Moore2549.4% 
Winlaton and High SpenGreen PartyPaul Martin Luke McNally1294.8% 
Winlaton and High SpenUK Independence Party (UKIP)Ray Tolley76928.4%