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General election results 2015

Full results by constituency



CandidatePartyNo. of votes% votes polledMajority
Dave AndersonLabour Party2209049.2%14227
Mark Ronald BellUK Independence Party (UKIP)786317.5%-
Alison Louise GriffithsThe Conservative Party Candidate783817.4% -
Paul Martin McNallyGreen Party16483.7%-
Jonathan Christopher WallaceLiberal Democrat549712.2%-

Size of electorate: 67,899
Ballot papers returned: 45,032
Turnout: 66% 


CandidatePartyNo. of votes% votes polledMajority
Frank HindleLiberal Democrat25856.8%-
James Ian MearnsLabour Party2154956.8%14784
Andy RedfernGreen Party15484.1%-
Tom SmithThe Conservative Party Candidate550214.5%-
John David Edward TennantUK Independence Party (UKIP)676517.8%-

Size of electorate: 64,523
Ballot papers returned: 38,045
Turnout: 59% 


CandidatePartyNo. of votes% votes polledMajority
Stan CollinsLiberal Democrat12383.2%-
Norman HallTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition3851.0%-
Steven Alexander HarrisonUK Independence Party (UKIP)758319.7%-
Stephen HepburnLabour Party2146455.7%13881
Dave HerbertGreen Party13103.4%-
Nick MasonThe Conservative Party Candidate658417.1% 

Size of electorate: 64,002
Ballot papers returned: 38,673
Turnout: 60.4%

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