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Local election results 2012

Liberal Democrat11-4

Full Results

A star (*) indicates the previous sitting councillor for that ward.

WardPartyCandidateNo. of votes% votes polledMajority
BirtleyLabour PartySimcox, Catherine139462.2%678 
BirtleyConservative PartyGatiss, Andrea1305.8% 
BirtleyLiberal PartyKing, Kathy*71632.0% 
BlaydonLabour PartyRonchetti, Steve*174780.9%1515 
BlaydonConservative PartyAinscow, Edward1808.3% 
BlaydonLiberal DemocratMcClurey, Kevin Philip23210.7% 
BridgesLabour PartyEagle, John*111277.4%936 
BridgesLiberal DemocratFawcett, Dave G17612.3% 
BridgesConservative PartyGardiner, John14810.3% 
Chopwell & Rowlands GillLabour PartyHamilton, John*212680.8% 1869
Chopwell & Rowlands GillConservative PartyGatiss, Karl2499.5% 
Chopwell & Rowlands GillLiberal DemocratOsborne, Brenda Dawn2579.8% 
ChowdeneLabour PartyMcElroy, John*200977.7%1659
ChowdeneLiberal DemocratGraham, Edna May2288.8% 
ChowdeneConservative PartyYoung, Eric35013.5% 
Crawcrook & GreensideLabour PartyMcCartney, Kathleen170866.5%1002 
Crawcrook & GreensideLiberal DemocratSquires, Christine Elizabeth70627.5% 
Crawcrook & GreensideConservative PartySterling, Antoinette Margaret1556.0% 
DeckhamLabour PartyCoates, Brian*140770.0%1193
DeckhamConservative PartyAinscow, May21410.7% 
DeckhamLiberal DemocratCrozier, Karen Therese1467.3% 
DeckhamTrade Unionists and Socialist CoalitionHall, Normal1185.9% 
DeckhamNational Front Britain for the BritishRichards, John1246.2% 
Dunston & TeamsLabour PartyClelland, Brenda*143683.8%1271 
Dunston & TeamsConservative PartyMacallister, Christopher James1659.6% 
Dunston & TeamsLiberal DemocratTodd, Simon James1136.8% 
Dunston Hill & Whickham EastLiberal DemocratMaughan, Peter James*142349.2% 232
Dunston Hill & Whickham EastGreen PartyBlanchflower, Mary1575.4% 
Dunston Hill & Whickham EastConservative PartyCallanan, John1224.2% 
Dunston Hill & Whickham EastLabour PartyMcHugh, Chris119141.2%  
FellingLabour PartyDickie, Sonya150185.8%1365 
FellingLiberal DemocratGill, Ian1136.5% 
FellingConservative PartyMurray, Trevor Charles1367.8% 
High FellLabour PartyLee, Jean*139375.1%1145 
High FellConservative PartyBohill, Edward1095.9% 
High FellTrade Unionists & Socialist CoalitionBrunskill, Elaine24813.4% 
High FellLiberal DemocratSpours, Norman1065.7%  
LamesleyLabour PartyHood, Michael*161668.5%1305
LamesleyConservative PartyEveratt, Sheila1727.3% 
LamesleyLiberal PartyGallon, Betty26111.1% 
LamesleyIndependentWeatherburn, Brian31113.2% 
Lobley Hill & BenshamLabour PartyDonovan, Catherine*163674.3%1399 
Lobley Hill & BenshamConservative PartyBond, Valerie1908.6% 
Lobley Hill & BenshamLiberal DemocratHunter, Philip1386.3% 
Lobley Hill & BenshamGreen PartyRedfern, Andy23710.8% 
Low FellLiberal Democrat Focus TeamHindle, Frank*144147.9%123 
Low FellConservative PartySterling, Paul2518.3% 
Low FellLabour PartyYoung, John131843.8% 
Pelaw & HeworthLabour PartyHolmes, Lee134654.2%293 
Pelaw & HeworthConservative PartyMoor, Maureen863.5%  
Pelaw & HeworthLiberal Democrat Focus TeamPatterson, Ian105342.4% 
Ryton, Crookhill & StellaLabour PartyTwist, Liz146556.2%524 
Ryton, Crookhill & StellaLiberal DemocratMilburn, Maggie94136.1% 
Ryton, Crookhill & StellaConservative PartyWatson, Mark Anthony1997.6% 
SaltwellLabour PartyRobson, Denise*132280.5%1127 
SaltwellConservative PartyBond, Alan19511.9% 
SaltwellLiberal DemocratStanaway, Robinson Geoffrey1267.7% 
Wardley & Leam LaneLabour PartyGreen, Linda*160974.7%1329
Wardley & Leam LaneLiberal DemocratDiston, John Paul1044.8% 
Wardley & Leam LaneConservative PartyParker, Elizabeth Alexandrina1617.5% 
Wardley & Leam LaneGreen PartyWatson, Stephen28013.0% 
Whickham NorthLiberal Democrat Focus TeamHawkins, Sonya128248.7%94 
Whickham NorthConservative PartyBennison, Beryl Theresa1646.2% 
Whickham NorthLabour PartyDobson, Elaine118845.1% 
Whickham South & SunnisideLiberal DemocratMcClurey, John*137261.7%854
Whickham South & SunnisideLabour PartyDe-Vere, Peter87831,3% 
Whickham South & SunnisideConservative PartyEdward Gardner Parker1977.0% 
Windy Nook & WhitehillsLabour PartyRonan, Pat*196382.8%1735
Windy Nook & WhitehillsLiberal DemocratBradley, Lisa Angela Marie1797.56% 
Windy Nook & WhitehillsConservative PartyMurray, Kyle2289.6% 
Winlaton & High SpenLabour PartySimpson, Julie194873.4%1462
Winlaton & High SpenLiberal DemocratEarl, Elaine*48618.3% 
Winlaton & High SpenConservative PartyMoore, Diana2208.3% 

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