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General election results 2010

A General Election was held on the 6th May 2010.  Results for the constituencies of Blaydon, Gateshead and Jarrow are below.


Size of electorate: 67,808
Ballot papers returned: 45,070
Turnout: 66.5%

PartyCandidateNo. of Votes% Votes PolledMajority
The Labour PartyDave Anderson22,29749.69,117
Liberal DemocratNeil Bradbury13,18029.3 
The Conservative PartyGlenn Hall7,15915.9 
British National PartyKeith McFarlane2,2775.1 


Size of electorate: 66,492
Ballot papers returned: 38343
Turnout: 57.7%

PartyCandidateNo. of Votes% Votes PolledMajority
The Labour PartyIan Mearns20,71254.112,549
Liberal DemocratFrank Hindle8,16321.3 
The Conservative PartyHazal Anderson5,71614.9 
British National PartyKevin Scott1,7874.7 
United Kingdom Independence PartyJohn Tennant1,1032.9 
Green PartyAndy Redfern3791.0 
Trade Unionist & Socialist CoalitionElaine Brunskill2660.7 
The Christian PartyDavid Walton1310.3 


Size of electorate: 64,350
Ballot papers returned:38,784
Turnout: 60.3%

PartyCandidateNo. of Votes% Votes PolledMajority
The Labour PartyStephen Hepburn20,91053.912,908
The Conservative PartyJeff Milburn8,00220.6 
Liberal DemocratTom Appleby7,16318.5 
British National PartyAndy Swaddle2,7097.0 

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