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Music in Schools

Gateshead Youth Orchestra
Gateshead Council has a long and successful tradition of supporting music in schools, through Gateshead Schools' Music Service. Significant educational, social and cultural benefits are known to result from young people gaining a lifelong love of music during their time at school. The earlier children start the better. It works best when the schools, the music service and parents all work together in partnership around the musical needs of children and young people


Most schools operate a system of instrumental tuition and may provide access to a range of additional activities such as music clubs, choirs and school ensembles of various kinds. Please contact your child's school directly if you wish to find out more about what is available.  The school will also advise about any additional costs involved.

Gateshead Schools' Music Service (part of Gateshead and South Tyneside Music Education Hub)

Gateshead Schools' Music Service is part of the Gateshead and South Tyneside Music Education Hub.  We receive funding from Arts Council England to work with schools and other partners to provide a vibrant local offer of musical experiences.  This work includes provision of instrumental tuition in Gateshead schools and a system of local ensembles which is free to young people in Gateshead schools.

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Barbara Murray
Music Service Administrator (Gateshead Schools' Music Service)
0191 433 8685
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