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School meals

school meals

Gateshead School Catering aims to provide children with the very best fuel for the school day - a nutritious, high-quality hot meal, cooked on-site from fresh, seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients, at the right price, every day of the week.

Gateshead School Catering provides more than 11,000 nutritionally-balanced meals each day, served by approximately 300 staff across 70 different sites. Our staff are fully trained in nutrition, food safety, catering and cookery skills and their aim is simple - to provide the best fuel for your child's school day.

We understand how the right nutrients can help your child's mood, their health and their ability to concentrate in lessons. That's why our delicious freshly-cooked meals easily meet - and exceed - national standards for school lunches.
Get on down to "The Hub", our ultra-modern catering concept designed by pupils themselves to recreate the look and feel of a top international food court with a complete range of hot and cold food, drinks and snacks at competitive prices.
Check eligibility for free school meals and apply.