Potential missed bin collections due to poor weather - Friday 1 December
Due to the poor weather, we may not be able to collect all bins in the Birtley, Lobley Hill, Wardley and Leam Lane areas on Friday 1 December. We will collect any missed bins as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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Allergies and special diets

We strive to ensure the pupils of Gateshead can enjoy the nutritious and delicious school lunch on offer, regardless of any allergies, intolerances or medical diet requirements.

We recognise special diets as an extremely important aspect of our catering provision, aiming for all pupils to enjoy their lunchtime experience, without the worry of being singled out.

Our catering staff are appropriately qualified and have first-hand experience in supporting and creating bespoke menus for pupils with allergies or special diets.  

We have developed step-by-step guidelines to support schools and parents through the allergens and special diets process.

Find out about the types of diets we cater for and how we can help.
Learn more about how to make a dietary request for your child.
What to do if a pupil from your school has a dietary request.
See what the 14 types of allergens are and download our poster.