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Types of diet

Download a copy of our introduction to allergies and special diets (PDF) [370KB]

Egg or dairy free diets

An 'egg free' diet will exclude soft, hard and baked egg dishes from the menu.

A 'milk free' diet will become a 'dairy free' diet excluding milk, cheese and lactose dishes included on the menu.

By developing the menus in this way, it reduces the variations and frequent revisions and in turn reduces the risks.

Gluten free diets

Where possible, the main option will be adapted to a gluten free alternative. Gluten free menus are available upon request.

Please be aware that all gluten free meals are prepared in the same production kitchen as products containing gluten. Although all precautionary measures are taken, particles could become airborne.

Vegetarian, vegan, cultural and religious diets

Vegetarian, vegan, cultural and religious diets are available as choices on our three-weekly-cycle menu.

We will cater for the above requirements to the best of our operational ability, while following School Food Standards.

Diabetic count

We can provide nutrient counts for a diabetic diet. To calculate the estimated carbohydrate count, we use a combination of technical specifications, advised literature and structured recipes.

The final count may vary, and it will be dependent on various aspects, such as: cooking times, cooking equipment, techniques and consumption.

As a service we strive to provide the most accurate values. It is strongly recommended that the final meal consumption is evaluated by a designated member of staff to advise on the final carbohydrate count.

Nut and peanut safety statement

We do not intentionally use nuts or any products containing nuts as an ingredient within our food offer. All our suppliers are requested to supply nut free products, however whilst some products will be totally nut free, suppliers cannot give us a total guarantee that cross contamination with nuts does not occur during manufacture.

We will treat any products which holds the 'May Contain Nuts' declaration as an item which 'Contains Nuts' to eliminate any risk to our nut allergy pupils.

If a pupil suffers from a nut allergy, a 'Nut Free' menu should be requested from us.

Please keep in mind that we are unable to provide an 100% 'Nut Free' school meal due to handling products which 'May Contain Nuts' in the production kitchen.

Download a copy of nut and peanut safety statement (PDF) [363KB]

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