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Primary school meals

We understand how the right nutrients can help your child's mood, their health and their ability to concentrate in lessons. That's why our delicious freshly-cooked meals easily meet - and exceed - national standards for school lunches.

School menus 2023/2024

Our Primary School menus are carefully developed to appeal to children and provide the perfect balance of essential nutrients - and to offer them the chance to try a few dishes they may not have tried before. 

Your child can choose from two main meal options provided every day, each one accompanied by a vegetable choice, and including a daily vegetarian dish.

Jacket potatoes with an assortment of popular and tasty fillings are always available, too, served with an attractive side salad.

Additional salad and wholemeal bread is also on offer each day along with a dessert of the day, a selection of yoghurts, cheese and crackers and fresh fruit.

A range of cold drinks are also available.

Primary school meal menus for 2023/2024

Special dietary requirements

If your child has a special dietary requirement - such as diabetic, coeliac, low fat and dairy intolerances or a food allergy - we will be happy to plan and provide a school meal that meets your child's needs.

We can also adapt menus to meet religious needs. Find out more about Allergies and special diets.

Highest standards 

As a parent, you can be reassured that our menus meet - and exceed - national standards for school lunches. That's because we understand how the right nutrients can positively affect a child's mood, behaviour, health, growth and ability to concentrate in lessons. We also know how a well-balanced diet now helps to establish healthy eating habits for the future. 

Fun meal times 

Our meals times can be great fun. We occasionally run themed events as a way of injecting a bit of laughter into lunchtime - with our catering teams usually more than happy to get all dressed up for the occasion!

It's not unusual to come into a school dining room and find all the catering staff dressed up as superheroes, or Halloween monsters, or pirates, or figures from history.

Special menus

We also put on special menus to celebrate certain events like Chinese New Year, American Independence Day, Halloween and, of course, Christmas.


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