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Cashless payments

Our secondary schools operate a cashless system which helps to ease queuing, avoids pupils having to carry cash in school, and protects the identity of pupils on free school meals. Some of these systems use biometrics or fingerprint readers for pupils to access their accounts, and others use cashless cards.

To load cash onto your child's account, payments can either be made at the school via cash loaders or online payments.

Parent Pay (opens new window) - used by Cardinal Hume Academy and Heworth Grange

iPayimpact (opens new window) - used by Kingsmeadow Community Comprehensive School


How do new pupils apply for a card?
New pupils coming up from primary schools will have their new cards ready for them one the first day of term and time will be set aside that morning so they can get some money onto their card in time for lunch.

How do I put money on the card or my biometric account?
Either load cash at one of the cash loaders in the schools, or send a cheque in the special envelope we provide. 

What happens if a pupil loses their card?
Notify the Unit Manager straight away and we will stop the card, and the money on the card will be safe. There will be a £2 charge for a new card, and we can issue a new card straight away.

What happens if a pupil forgets the card?
The pupil will be asked to go to the school office and collect a temporary card for that day only. They will have to load money onto the card, just enough for them to buy one meal.


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