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School plans and policies

An image relating to Anti-bullying Strategy
Our strategy aims to reduce bullying and harassment across Gateshead.
An image relating to Data Protection and use of data - schools
How we use information about the children we provide services for.
An image relating to Pregnant students and school aged parents
Services and support for pregnant students and school-aged parents.
An image relating to Attendance Strategy
Our strategy for improving school attendance.
An image relating to Education of Traveller children
Improving educational outcomes for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils.
An image relating to Education guidance for refugees and asylum seekers
How we support refugees and asylum seekers to continue their education.
An image relating to Fair Access Process
Our policy to ensure that unplaced children or young people are found and offered a school place quickly.
An image relating to Section 251 budget and outturn statements
We publish a budget statement about our planned and actual expenditure on education and children's social care at the beginning of each financial year.

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