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Residential disabled parking bays

Apply for a disabled parking bay

All referrals for a disabled parking bay must be made to Adult Social Care Direct by completing the form or by calling 0191 433 7033.

Complete an initial care assessment form

If your application is approved the parking bay will be advisory only. We can not offer any formal enforcement. 


There is strict criteria to meet to be able to apply. To be able to apply for an advisory disabled parking bay outside your property the following criteria must be met:

  • you hold a disabled persons' Blue Badge
  • a child you care for receives Disability Living Allowance at the higher rate for the mobility component
  • you receive the higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (if 16 to 65 years old) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • you receive attendance allowance if over 65 years old
  • you or one of your family living at the address is the registered owner of the vehicle
  • you live at the address to which the application refers
  • you do not have a drive, or alternative off street parking or there is no space within the boundary of the address to provide a suitable parking space
  • there are no loading or waiting restrictions or bus stops/bays in front of the address
  • any part of the bay is not opposite or within 10 metres of a junction
  • the road is wider than 5.5m, which is considered to be the minimum required to safely place a bay
  • the number of disabled parking bays in the road does not exceed 20% of the available kerbside space within 100 metres of the property
  • the bay will not obstruct access to neighbours' driveways either adjacent to or opposite from the proposed bay location 
  • the bay will be on the road
  • the bay is not within or adjacent to an ordinary parking bay
  • the bay is not where there is no clear distinction between the road and footway
  • the address of the property is not on a classified road, for example. A, B and C class roads 
  • the bay is not within a bus lane or cycle lane 
  • the bay is not within an existing no waiting or no stopping traffic order, single or double yellow lines 


Your immediate neighbours and local ward councillors will be informed of your application. If we receive objections from neighbours we will ask the ward councillors for their views. 


You will be notified of the decision and, if refused, we will supply the reasons why it will not be possible to provide a bay. 

If the application is successful, the bay will be installed as soon as possible, but this could take up to eight weeks.  

Advisory disabled parking bays can not be provided for the sole use of the applicant (Blue Badge holder) or for the sole use of residents of that property. It is provided for the use of any Blue Badge holder, although it is hoped and recognised that it will be used primarily by the applicant. 

We will carry out a review every three years to ensure there is still a need for the bay.

We are unable to place a residential disabled parking bay within a parking permit scheme, however Blue Badge holders can usually receive a permit free of charge. Read more about a resident parking permit.