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Resident parking permits

Permit parking zones
How to apply
Parking permit fees / charges

If you live in a street that has permit parking, you may be eligible to qualify for a resident permit.

To qualify for a permit, you must provide:

  • Proof of residence in the area, such as a Council Tax or utility bill dated within the last 3 months.
  • Proof of keeping and using a vehicle at the address - this would normally be the vehicle registration document (V5). For company-registered cars, an official letter from the company confirming that the applicant is an employee and the sole user of the car will be required. If the vehicle is leased then an additional letter from the lease company confirming that the vehicle is leased to the employer will also be required.

The need for a limit on the number of permits a household may be eligible for will generally arise where either permit demand will be very high (in areas where there is a significant amount of multi-occupation of dwellings for example, or where car ownership is high for other reasons) or where the space that can be allocated to residents' parking is restricted. 

Visitor permits and trade permits are also available in some of the parking zones.

Businesses within residents parking zones may also apply for a business permit, where a vehicle is necessary for the essential running of the business.

Permit parking zones

Gateshead contains various permit parking zones. Each has a different reference and the permits available differ between the,. Eligibility and other criteria are set taking account of the characteristics of the zone and likely demand levels (for example, where there are high levels of multiple occupation or where car ownership is high for other reasons) or where the space that can be allocated to residents' parking is restricted.

The permit parking zones and the permits available are listed below:


Area (not all properties may be eligible)

Permit type availableMaximum permits availableVisitor permits available?
AChurch Chare, Whickham


BDuckpool Lane, WhickhamTransferable1No
CQueen Elizabeth Avenue AreaNon transferable2Yes
DBewick Road (West)Non transferable2Yes
ECoburg Street, GatesheadNon transferable2Yes
FDenmark Street, GatesheadNon transferable1Yes
GDenmark Street, GatesheadTransferable1No
HEly Street, GatesheadNon transferable1Yes
JWorcester Green AreaNon transferable2Yes
KGateshead Leisure Centre AreaNon transferable2Yes
LVilla Place, Gateshead Non transferable2Yes
MLow Heworth Lane, Gateshead Non transferable2Yes
NSunderland Road Area (Stowell Terrace/ Ridley Terrace area)Non transferable2Yes
OSunderland Road Villas Non transferable2Yes
PThe Drive, HeworthNon transferable2Yes
QKirkwood Gardens AreaNon transferable2Yes
RClement Street, Low FellNon transferable2Yes
SCroxdale Terrace/Fisherwell Road, PelawNon transferable2Yes
TStephenson Terrace, FellingNon transferable2Yes
UBeaconsfield Road, Low FellTransferable1No
VBensham RoadNon transferable1No
WSchool LaneTransferable1No
XKells Lane AreaTransferable1No
YBewick Road GatesheadNon transferable1No
E1Wardley Hall Cottages, Sunderland RoadTransferable1No
E2York Terrace, FellingNon transferable1No
D1Back Tyndal/ Parsons Gardens DunstonNon transferable1No
D2Bewick Road Gateshead Non transferable1No
D3Binsby Gardens, Harlow GreenNon transferable1No

To check if your property is eligible for permits, please contact Parking Services.

How to apply

An application form and guidance notes are available to download below. Please read the guidance notes to make sure that you apply for the correct permit and you include all the necessary documentation.

If you wish to renew your permit please use the Resident Permit application form and tick the box in part 3.

If you are unsure which form you require please contact Parking Services on 0191 433 3636.

Resident Permit application form (PDF) [51KB] (opens new window)

Resident's Parking permit guidance   or view the resident Permit guidance notes as PDF (PDF) [100KB] (opens new window)

Resident Permit replacement application form (PDF) [64KB] (opens new window)

Permits can be applied for by post. Please include your supporting documentation along with payment if you are paying by cheque or postal order and send to:

Parking Services
Gateshead Council
Civic Centre
Regent Street

Parking permit fees / charges

Prices for 2024/245
Permit typeFee 
Resident permit - first vehicle£30
Resident permit - second vehicle (where available)£50
Resident visitor scratch card (book of 10 vouchers) (where available)£5.50
Resident visitor disc (available to residents who also have a disabled blue badge) (where available)£16
Landlord permit£50
Business permit£160
Health professionals' permit£110
Replacement permit (for example, lost or stolen)£20
Change of vehicle fee£10
Trade permit£10 flat fee plus £2 per vehicle per day
West Street loading bay permit£160
Refunds- Parking permits

BACS £15

Cheque £25

Parking payments

You can include a cheque or postal order with your application, which should be made payable to Gateshead Council.

If you would prefer to pay online, we will send a confirmation letter or email once we have received your application form and verified you are eligible. This will include a link to the payment web page where you can make your payment. Your permit will only be posted once we have received the payment.

Please allow up to 10 working days for your permit application to be processed.

Permits will not be issued at the reception desk but sent out in the post.

New resident parking schemes

We are not currently creating any new residents parking schemes.