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Resident's Parking Permit - Guidance Notes

Please read these guidance notes carefully before you complete the application form. They are intended to provide additional information, minimise queries and reduce possible delays in processing applications.

Part 1 - Your particulars 
Part 2 - Type of permit
Part 3 - Particulars of your vehicle
Part 4 - Enclosures/ Supporting Documents
Part 5 - Payment
Part 6 - Declaration
Part 7- How to apply 
Terms and Conditions 


There are two types of residential permits available, a non-transferable permit and a transferable permit.

The type of permit and number of permits a property can apply for is limited on a scheme by scheme basis. Please check the parking permits Information document for the type and number of permits allowed per property for your zone/scheme and the current fees/charges. Resident Parking permits are valid for a period of up to 12 months.

Part 1 - Your Particulars

This section must be completed by the main applicant who resides at the property in which the permit(s) are for. The address shown must be the applicants usual place of residence.

You are entitled to a resident permit if:

(i) Your usual place of residence is within a Controlled Parking Zone. If you do not regularly live at the premises in the Zone you do not qualify for a permit irrespective of your interest in the property.

AND for non-residential permits

(ii) You either own, keep or have sole use of a vehicle.

This vehicle can be:

  •  a passenger vehicle (car)
  • a goods vehicle (the overall height of which does not exceed 3.2 metres (10ft 6ins), length exceed 6 metres (19ft 8ins) or maximum gross weight exceed 3.5 tonnes).

If you share a vehicle you will not be entitled to a permit unless there are exceptional circumstances. Permits are not required for motorcycles, which may be parked free of charge in permit bays. Proof of residence and vehicle ownership (for non-transferable permits) must be provided before your application can be approved (see Part 4).

Part 2 - Type of Permit

The type of permit a property can apply for is determined by the zone in which the property is located. Please check the parking permits Information document for the type of permit you are applying for (Non-transferable or transferable) and tick the appropriate box. This will enable you to proceed with the application form and complete all the relevant parts for your permit

Part 3 - Particulars of your vehicle(s)

The number of permits a property can apply for is limited on a scheme by scheme basis. Please check the parking permits Information document for the number of permits allowed per property for your zone/scheme.

Transferable Permits - No vehicle information is required

Non-Transferable Permits - All vehicles which are being applied for must be registered at the address given in part 1 and the registered keeper must reside at the address (proof of vehicle ownership and residency must be provided for all vehicles). All the information requested in this section must be completed.

Part 4 - Enclosures/Supporting Documents

If posting your application to the Council please send photocopies of supporting documents, as the Council is unable to accept responsibility for any documents sent through the post or return the documents. If you are making your application in person original documentation must be provided and the council will retain a copy their records.

Both proof of residence and vehicle ownership are required for all vehicles applied for including renewals. Your application form will be returned to you if it is not fully or correctly completed or if the relevant documents are not enclosed.

(1) - Proof of residence

One of the following must be provided for each person named on this application and if dated must be less than 3 months old:

  •  Driving License
  • Current Housing Association/Council Rent Book/Card
  • Current Council Tax Bill
  • Recent Utility Bill
  • Pension or Benefit Document
  • Bank Statement 
  • Valid Home Contents Insurance Certificate
  • Proof of Purchase/Tenancy (new owners)

(2) Proof of vehicle ownership necessary for non-transferable permits only

One of the following must be provided for each vehicle on this application:

  • Vehicle Registration Document (V5) (vehicle must be registered at the address which it is being applied for) 
  • Hire/Lease Agreement (only if you are the hirer of the vehicle)

Company Vehicle - If you drive a company vehicle, you must also submit a typed letter on headed paper (dated within the last month) from your company secretary or senior representative confirming that the vehicle is owned/leased by the company and that you are the sole user and keeper AND the vehicle registration document/lease agreement. If you are a sole trader you will be required to submit a letter of verification from your accountant or solicitor AND your vehicle registration document/lease agreement.

Recently purchased property or vehicle - If you have purchased your vehicle in the last 3 months or recently moved into the permit parking zone and the vehicle registration document does not yet show your address within the zone, you must provide the following (both are required):

- Garage Bill of Sale or New Keepers Supplement or Registration document (complete new keeper details)

- Valid Insurance Certificate showing your name, zone address and the vehicles registration number.

If you have recently purchased a property within a scheme or already live there and have purchased a vehicle your application will be processed and cost the same as a 12 month permit, however you will only be issued with a permit valid for 3 months. This will give you time to get the relevant proof of residency and vehicle ownership (vehicle Registration Document). Once the relevant information is available it must be submitted to Parking Services before your 3 month permit expires to enable your replacement permit to be issued. A permit for the remaining 9 months cannot be issued until these documents have been received. If your 3 month permit expires before you are issued your permit for the remaining 9 months you may not park in the zone during the restricted period until your permit arrives and is clearly displayed. If you do you may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

Unfortunately there are no temporary permits available which can be issued while an application is being processed.

Change of Vehicle or Courtesy Vehicles - If you change your vehicle once a permit has been issued you must complete a replacement permit form (evidence and fees/charges apply). Where possible, this must be done I advance of collecting your new vehicle. If you already have a valid permit we may be able to issue a temporary permit for your new vehicle. Temporary permits are only available to valid permit holders when changing their vehicle or when the vehicle is garaged for repairs and a loan car (courtesy car) is being used.
Two temporary permits may granted free of charge in a 12 month period and each cover is issued for a maximum of 2 weeks. Please call Parking Services for further information.

Important Note: If you are unable to supply any of the documents specified above, or if you are unsure of your entitlement to a resident permit, please telephone Parking Services on (0191) 4333636 or email parking services

Part 5 - Payment

The applicant must ensure that the correct payment is enclosed with the application form. Fees/charges are shown on the parking permit information document. Payment can be made by the following:

  • Cheque/Postal Order made payable to Gateshead Council
  • Cash (cash accepted by personal callers only)
  • Credit/Debit Card (card accepted by personal callers only)

Part 6 - Declaration

By signing the application form this will certify that the applicant has read the terms and conditions and will comply with them. It is their responsibility to ensure that all permit users are also aware of the terms and conditions and comply with them.

Part 7 - How to Apply

It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit an application for a permit in plenty of time before it is needed (before the previous permit expires or as soon as possible when purchasing or changing a vehicle).

Please allow 2 weeks for your application to be processed. Please note that you may NOT park your vehicle in a controlled parking zone during the hours of operation unless you have a valid permit on display.

Residents parking permits can only be issued by post.

Please complete all the application form, attach all relevant copies of supporting documents and submit it with your payment to:

Parking Services
Transport Strategy
Gateshead Council
Civic Centre
Regent Street
Gateshead NE8 1HH

Please note: It is an offence for a person knowingly to make a false statement for the purpose of obtaining a parking permit. The Council will not hesitate to prosecute and conviction will result in substantial penalties.

Important Note: If you are unable to supply any of the documents specified above, or if you are unsure of your entitlement to a resident permit, please telephone Parking Services on (0191) 4333636 or email parking services

Terms and Conditions

1. A permit will be issued according to which parking zone you live in. Full details of parking controls in your zone can be requested by contacting us on 0191 4333636 or by email on

2. The Council cannot guarantee a parking space will always be available to you.

3. It is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is legally parked at all times.

4. Permits are not transferable between zones/schemes

5. You must ensure your permit is valid at all times and clearly displayed on the windscreen.

6. You may not park in suspended parking bays. This will result in a penalty charge notice being issued. Please check times carefully when a suspension is in force. Where possible, street signs will give several days advance warning, but in emergencies this may not be possible. You must therefore always ensure that your vehicle and the location are checked each morning before 8.30am or arrange for this to be done. If you are going away you can obtain information about planned suspensions by calling 0191 4333149.

7. Your vehicle must be able to fit within the markings of the parking place AND be: 

  • a passenger vehicle that can carry no more than 13 people including the driver 
  • a vehicle that does not exceed six metres in length 
  • has an unladen weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes.

8. You cannot park trailers or caravans, whether they are linked up to a vehicle displaying a permit, or standing alone.

9. Your vehicle must be roadworthy and have a valid road tax licence at all times.

10. Your vehicle must be insured to be on the highway at all times.

11. Where a vehicle is considered unroadworthy by the Council (e.g. following a road accident or after the licence has expired) the permit may be withdrawn without refund and the vehicle removed to the car pound. The Council or its agents will aim to write to you before a permit is withdrawn to allow you time to move the vehicle. Any costs incurred by the Council will be passed on to the keeper of the vehicle

12. If you need to use a courtesy vehicle or hire vehicle because your own is off the road, the Council can give temporary cover. Temporary cover will not exceed two weeks.

Before submitting your application, please check that you have enclosed the following:

  • The completed application form 
  • Proof of residence 
  • Proof of vehicle ownership 
  • Correct Payment