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Road closures guidance - street parties and events

Guidance for street parties and local community events

If you are thinking of planning a street party or event, please view the event support web page.

What sort of events does this guidance apply to?

It is important to establish whether your event is a street party or a community event.

 What is a street party?

What is a community event?

  • Open to the public
  • Widely publicised
  • Food and/or music licences usually required
  • Risk assessments and insurance required
  • Charges for road closures usually apply (opens new window)

Please visit our event support web page for advice regarding organising events.

How to apply for a road closure for a street party

We do not charge for road closures for street parties. This is likely to be a single street (or section of a street) closed for a short period of time. Complete the application form (PDF) [133KB] and return to We require 3 weeks notice of a street party.

You must also provide evidence that all households within the proposed road closure are in agreement, this could be in the form of a list of properties and signatures to the proposal.

Please note that applications for hosting a street party for the must be made by Friday 7 April 2023.

How to apply for a road closure for a community event

There is a charge for road closures associated with community events. Complete the application form (PDF) [133KB]  and return to us as soon as possible. Due to the legal process and consultations required, at least 8 weeks notice is needed for a road closure for a community event.

General information

Approval may not be given where the road to be closed significantly restricts vehicular access to wider residential areas, businesses or the highway network more generally, or is on a bus route.

Appropriate signage will be necessary and will have to be organised, paid for and maintained during the closure period by the applicant. At the very least "Road Closed" signs will be required, but in some cases supplementary traffic cones and signing of diversionary routes may be necessary. We will provide advice on what is required.

Tables, chairs or other facilities at these events must allow access by the emergency services, or be capable of being moved to allow access at short notice in an emergency situation.

The organisers will be responsible for clearing up at the end of the event.