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Brownfield Register March 2020


Under the Housing and Planning Act, we must keep a register of brownfield land suitable for housing development and update it at least once a year. The government believes this will "increase transparency for developers and communities" and encourage investment in local areas.

The register has two parts. Part 1 includes all identified sites. Part 2 includes sites which have been granted Permission in Principle (PiP), similar to an Outline Planning Permission, for the number of homes that the register states the site can accommodate.

Where there is a permission in Principle, only a limited range of detailed aspects would remain to be decided through a Technical Details Consent. The council is beginning to publish development briefs for each site, to be included in Part 2. At the moment only three sites are included in Part 2. The spreadsheet and map include all the sites in Part 1 and Part 2.

The register only includes brownfield sites suitable for development of at least five homes, which we think can be developed in around the next fifteen years.

Choice of sites on the register

Part 1 of the register includes a number of sites which we are proposing to allocate in Making Spaces for Growing Places (MSGP), our land allocations, and development management policies development plan document (DPD). This was submitted to the Minister of Housing, Communities and Local Government on 12 April 2019. It is currently undergoing an Examination in Public (public enquiry).

Our latest information, used for proposing the sites, comes from the Housing Supply Topic Paper, which also serves as a 2019 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) Update. It takes account of all available information about land suitable and available for housing. It includes the call for sites we carried out in autumn 2015, sites which landowners and others have put forward in response to the draft MSGP, and all the information we can gather from contacting landowners and developers and looking at council-owned land.

The Housing Supply Topic Paper and the tables which accompany it have been updated as part of the evidence supplied to the Inspector during the Examination of the Plan, and the latest versions are linked to at the bottom of this page.

Additional information included in the register

The notes column adds detail to help clarify information in the earlier columns. It includes the application number of any planning permission for the site, and information which explains how a planning permission affects what could be built on the site.

Three columns have been added to show whether the site is allocated, or if we are proposing to allocate it in a statutory development plan, the allocation number of the site in that plan, and if the site is allocated for housing or mixed use. Development Plans in place or proposed for Gateshead are on this website.

The Register and map

View an interactive map showing the sites to accompany Part 1 of the register.

Icon for excel Gateshead brownfield register [53.83KB]

The Register and the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

The main source for the Brownfield Register has been the Housing Supply Topic Paper published in July 2019 and revised in January 2020. This also serves as a 2019 SHLAA Update, including a comprehensive update (Appendix 1 - Assessment of Sites Potentially Contributing to the Supply) in the 2018 SHLAA Update.

This includes sites which have arisen since the 2018 SHLAA Update, for example new planning permissions. Sites from this assessment have been included on the register, where they fit the rules for what is included. A few sites have not been included because there has not been enough progress in developing them for them to be considered available.

The Housing Supply Topic Paper can be used as an extra source of information about sites on the Brownfield Register. It shows constraints which could affect the amount of development, type of development, or layout.

More detailed work is being carried out for many of the sites, and the results included in Development Briefs, which will be available for sites when they are included in the Brownfield Register Part 2, or in the forthcoming MetroGreen Area Action Plan.

The capacity of sites (the number of homes that can be built there), may differ between the Housing Supply Topic Paper and the Brownfield Register. This is partly because the Brownfield Register has to show maximum and minimum figures for each site, but the Housing Supply Topic Paper shows the most likely number of homes that will be built there. It can also be because actual completions on site since that date have reduced the remaining capacity. Sites where development has started are included where it is not clear that development will continue until the whole site has been developed.

Housing Topic Paper and appendices

Icon for pdf Housing Topic Paper 2020 [580.33KB]

Icon for pdf Appendix 1 - Table of sites 2020 [1.66MB]

Icon for pdf Appendix 2 - Trajectory 2020 [232.57KB]

Icon for pdf Appendix 3 - additional information [461.3KB]

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