Brownfield Register December 2018


The Housing and Planning Act includes a provision introducing a statutory register of brownfield land suitable for housing development. Each local authority is responsible for compiling and publishing the register for its area, and updating it at least every year. The government believes that this will "increase transparency for developers and communities" and help to encourage investment in local areas. Registers will also help to measure progress against the Government's commitment of having planning permissions for housing in place on 90% of suitable brownfield land by 2020.

The register comprises Part 1, which includes all sites which have been identified, and Part 2, which will comprise sites which are deemed to have Permission in Principle (PiP) (similar to an Outline Planning Permission) for the number of homes stated on the Register that the site can accommodate; only a limited range of detailed considerations would remain to be determined through a Technical Details Consent. The council's intention is to publish, early in 2019, development briefs for each site which is to be included in Part 2. At present no sites are ready for inclusion in Part 2.

The register is solely concerned with brownfield sites suitable for housing development of at least five dwellings and, in our judgment, able to be developed within the next fifteen years or so.

Choice of sites on the register

Part 1 of the register includes a high proportion of the sites which are proposed to be allocated by Making Spaces for Growing Places (MSGP), the Council's land allocations and development management policies development plan document (DPD), the submission draft of which has recently been available for public consultation. This in turn has been informed by the 2018 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) Update which took account of all available sources of information about the availability and suitability of land for housing, including the call for sites carried out in the autumn of 2015 and the opportunity to nominate sites in responding to the consultation on draft MSGP in late 2017.

Additional information included in the register

The notes column has been used to add information which may assist in interpreting information in the earlier columns, including, especially, the application number of any planning permission applying to the site and any text required to help interpret its status.

Three additional columns have been added to indicate whether the site is allocated, or proposed to be allocated, in a statutory development plan, the allocation reference where applicable, and if allocated, whether for housing or mixed use. Development Plans in place or proposed for Gateshead are on this website.

The Register and map

View an interactive map showing the sites to accompany part 1 of the register.

Icon for excel Gateshead brownfield register [52.09KB]

The Register and the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

The principal source for inclusion in Part 1 of the Brownfield Register has been the Icon for pdf Gateshead Strategic Housing Land Availability Update 2018 [20.56MB], completed in October 2018. SHLAA sites have been included on the Register where they fit the criteria for inclusion, except that a small number of sites has not been included because there has been sufficient progress in developing them that they cannot be considered available.

The base date for the SHLAA Update is 31 March 2018 and therefore there are a few sites on the Brownfield Register which do not appear in the SHLAA Update because they have arisen since that date, for example by the granting of a planning permission. Otherwise the SHLAA can be used as an extra source to gain information about sites on the Brownfield Register. In particular, the SHLAA records constraints which have been identified as likely to affect the amount of development on a site or the form and layout which might be appropriate. More detailed work will be carried out on these issues and incorporated in Development Briefs to accompany the inclusion of sites on the Brownfield Register Part 2, or in the forthcoming MetroGreen Area Action Plan, in due course.

Some variation may be observed between remaining capacities indicated in the SHLAA and those indicated in the Brownfield Register part 1. These variations are partly due to the difference between the requirements for maximum and minimum figures in the Brownfield Register and estimated likely development totals in the SHLAA, and in some cases to the availability of additional information compared to the SHLAA base date of 31 March 2018, and/or actual completions on site since that date having reduced the remaining capacity. Sites where development has started are included where it is not entirely clear that the current phase of development will continue until the whole site has been developed.

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