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In-year transfers

- Apply for an in-year school transfer
Supporting evidence
Applying for a school place if you are a family arriving from Ukraine
Refusals and appeals
Applications for University Technical Colleges (UTCs)
Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
Fair Access Protocol

You must complete an in-year school transfer application for your child if you:

  • move into Gateshead and need a school place
  • already live in Gateshead but wish to change your child's school to another school in Gateshead

The application form allows you to express a preference for up to three schools in Gateshead. We strongly advise you apply to three schools, as places at some schools are extremely limited. You may want to contact your chosen schools prior to submitting your application to confirm they have places.

The offer of a place at any school is dependent on the availability of places in the relevant year group at the time of application.

Please be aware that year groups in some schools may be full and may not have places available when you move house or decide to transfer your child from one school to another.

You can request a school transfer up to a maximum of six weeks before the school place is needed. However, if your request is for your child to transfer school at the start of a new academic year in September, you must apply for a school place at least six weeks before the start of the summer holidays. You can check term dates on our webpage.

We cannot process requests for schools that are outside of Gateshead. You must contact the relevant local authority and request their in-year transfer form.

We cannot process applications for Emmanuel College.

Apply for an in-year school transfer

Please read the following before you apply:

  • you will need to contact your child's current school to obtain the designated email address for school transfers, as you will need to enter this on your application form - failure to do this may result in a delay in your form being processed
  • if you want to request a transfer for more than one child, you must submit a form for each child
  • all persons with parental responsibility for the child must agree to the request before the form is completed
  • you may need to provide supporting evidence with your application form
  • unless you are new to the UK or arriving in the next six weeks, your form will first be sent to your child's current school who will then forward the completed form to the School Admissions Team
  • primary and secondary schools both have 10 school days to respond to the request, advising if a place is available
  • if any of your preferences are for a faith school, the school may contact you for further information to verify your child's religion
  • we cannot guarantee that your child will be offered a place at one of your chosen schools - this will depend on the availability of places at the schools you request
  • if a place is offered it is expected that the child will be admitted on the date offered by the Head Teacher - if you do not take up the offer of a place within a maximum of six weeks of that date, the place will be withdrawn

Apply for an in-year school transfer

Alternatively, paper copies are available from the School Admissions Team. Please phone 0191 433 8589.

Supporting evidence

You may need to provide supporting evidence with your application form.

If you are completing an online application, you can take a photograph of the required document and upload the image.

If you are new to the UK from overseas

We will need proof of your child's date of birth. Please provide a copy of:

  • their passport
  • their birth certificate
  • a stamped UK entry visa, if appropriate

If you are moving home

We will need a copy of the exchange of contracts or a rental agreement before we consider the new address. We cannot offer school places on the basis of intended future changes of address unless you can provide the relevant documentary evidence.

Serving members of the UK armed forces or crown servants

If you are currently a serving member of the regular UK Armed Forces with a posting to the area or a Crown Servant returning from overseas, please provide an official Ministry of Defence, Foreign Commonwealth Office or Government Communication Head Quarters letter confirming your relocation date and quartering address.

Looked after children (LAC), previously looked after children and children in state care outside of England who have been adopted

Documents that we can accept as proof of looked after or previously looked after status:

  • adoption certificates or orders that reference section 12 of the Adoption Act
  • adoption certificates or orders that reference Section 46 of the Children's Act
  • any Child Arrangement Order
  • any Special Guardianship Order that mentions Section 14A
  • any residence order issued prior to 22/04/2014
  • written confirmation from an involved council employee (ideally the assigned social worker)
  • a document saying they are currently in public care
  • a document saying they were formerly in public care

We will also require a letter or email from the social worker involved with the child to say that they are in agreement with the application.

Medical evidence

If you are applying under the social/medical category, you will need to provide independent evidence from a health professional such as a consultant. This should state the school you are applying for is the only school your child can attend, and the reason why.

Proof of parental responsibility

Where there is any doubt about parental responsibility, we will ask you to provide proof. In such cases, whatever you choose to provide will be entirely up to you. However, it must indicate that you have parental responsibility.

Examples of documents that prove parental responsibility include:

  • the child's birth certificate
  • a parental responsibility agreement entered into by birth parents
  • a copy of a court order giving parental responsibility
  • a Child Arrangement Order in respect of a child Adoption Order upon taking office as a formally appointed guardian of the child

This should be accompanied with proof that you are the person named, for example a copy of your passport.

Applying for a school place if you are a family arriving from Ukraine 

You can find information on the website (opens new window)

Please email or phone 0191 433 8589 if you have any further questions with regards to admission to schools.

You can complete an online application, or a paper form can be requested from the Admissions team on 0191 433 8589. 

Refusals and appeals 

If we cannot offer your child a place at one of your chosen schools, we will let you know which other schools have places available. 

We will also notify you in writing of your right to appeal. Appeal forms are available from the School Admissions Team. 

Completed appeal forms must be returned to:

Strategic Director
Corporate Services and Governance
Civic Centre
Regent Street
NE8 1HH. 

Your appeal will be heard within 30 school days following the date of receipt. 

Vacant places may arise before the date of the appeal hearing. Where this happens, the school will offer the vacant place to the child that is top of their waiting list. They will use the admission criteria set out within their admission policy. 

Appeal forms for Voluntary Aided Schools are available from the school.

If year groups are full the school will maintain a waiting list. Any vacancies which may arise will be offered using this list. If you would like your child's name placed on the waiting list for a school, you must contact the school to request this. If a place becomes available and is offered to your child, you must then complete a school transfer form to take up this offer. 

Applications for University Technical Colleges (UTCs)

UTC's are technical colleges for 14-19 year olds set up by universities and businesses. Visit our applications for UTCs page if you would like to find out more information and how to apply for a University Technical College (UTC).

Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) 

School transfer requests for children with an EHCP (opens new window) will be referred to the Special Educational Needs Team. They will work with parents to secure a place at a school where the specific needs of the child can be met. 

Fair Access Protocol 

Fair Access Protocols exist to ensure that access to education is secured for vulnerable children and young people who are without a school place and where a placement in a mainstream school or alternative provision is appropriate. For further information and to read the protocol and guidance visit our fair access process page.

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