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How we offer places

We use the statutory 'Equal Preference' system to offer school places. This means that we look at all first, second and third preferences, regardless of the order in which they are ranked. If a school is oversubscribed the published admission criteria will be used to decide who to offer places to.

The order that preferences have been ranked becomes important if a child is eligible for an offer at more than one school ranked on the application form. It is possible that an applicant who ranked the school as a lower preference, could be offered a place ahead of other applicants who ranked the same school as a higher preference if the school is oversubscribed and they meet one of the higher oversubscription criteria. Voluntary Aided Schools have different admissions criteria to community schools and academies. 

Before you submit your application, you must make sure you understand the school's oversubscription criteria and admission policy .

Offer of a place

  • Where your child is eligible for a place at only one of the schools ranked on your application form, a place at that school will be offered to your child.
  • Where your child is eligible for a place at more than one school ranked on your application form, your child will be offered a place at the school which was ranked highest on your form and any lower ranked offers will be disregarded.
  • Where none of your preferences can be met, your child will be offered a place at your catchment school or nearest school with a place available (measured as the crow flies). However this offer may not be made on national offer day.

In most cases children will be offered a place at one of their preferred schools but there are circumstances where this may not be possible, as this will depend on the admission criteria for the school and the number of applications received.

No application received

If we are aware that you live in Gateshead and do not submit an application form, a place will still be offered to your child at your catchment school or next nearest school (measured as the crow flies), depending upon the availability of places after all applications have been considered.

However, this offer may not be made on national offer day, which is 2 March 2020 for secondary admissions and 16 April 2020 for primary/infant/junior admissions.

Contact us

The School Admissions Team
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0191 433 2757 / 0191 433 2756

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