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Explanation of terms

Academya school where the governing body set the criteria and is responsible for the school admissions.
Admission authoritythe admission authority is responsible for pupil places and setting the admissions criteria. The local authority (council) is the admissions authority for community and voluntary controlled schools. The schools governing body is the admission authority for voluntary aided schools.
Admission criteriathe conditions of admissions agreed by the Local Authority (in the case of community and voluntary controlled schools) or by the governing body (in the case of voluntary aided schools and academies).
Adoption orderan order made under Section 46 of the Adoption and Children Act 2002.
Appealany parent whose child is refused a place at one of their preferred schools has the right to appeal to an independent appeal panel
Child Arrangement Orderan order to decide who a child is to live with and / or who the child will spend time with
Community schoola school where the council is responsible for the admissions and setting the criteria
DfEThe Department for Education (central government for education).
Home local authorityA child's home local authority is the authority in which they live, meaning the authority to which council tax is paid
Looked after childrenChildren who are in the care of a local authority and as defined by Section 22 of the Children Act 1989 (see also previously looked after children)
Oversubscribedwhere there are more requests for admission to a year group in a school, than there are places available.
Parent/guardian/carera person who can exercise legal parental responsibility as defined under the 1989 Children's Act.
Planned admission number (PAN)the maximum number of pupils to be admitted into a particular year group at a school.
Preferencethe legal right of parents to state the school they would prefer their child to attend.
Previously looked after childrenchildren who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order.
Sibling linkan older brother/sister or step brother/sister that shares the same parent/guardian and lives at the same address as the child applying and will be attending the preferred school at the time of admission, or adopted brothers and sisters living at the same address and to children who are fostered and have other children from the host family attending the school in question.  In addition, for secondary admissions, the older sibling must have been at the school from the start of year 11
Single offer of a school placeThe one offer for a place at a school which is made to a parent on 
16 April 2024 for primary admissions
1 March 2024 for secondary admissions
Special guardianship orderan order appointing one or more individuals to be a child's special guardian or guardians as described under Section 14A of the Children Act 1989
Voluntary aided school (VA)a school where the governing body set the criteria and is responsible for the school admissions
Voluntary controlled schoola school where the council set the criteria and is responsible for admissions.

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