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Blocked road drain or gully

Report a blocked road drain or gully

Road gullies are usually found at the edge of the road where the road meets the pavement. They allow water to drain away from roads and footpaths to prevent flooding. 

You can report a blocked road drain or gully in Gateshead to us.  

You will need to know the location of the gully. You can also upload a photo of the issue to help our team to locate the correct drain.

Report a blocked road drain or gully

We aim to visit all reports within two working days to inspect the problem. 

For non-emergency reports, it can take up to eight weeks for problems to be resolved. If it's considered an emergency or safety risk by our inspection team, we will carry out work as quickly as operationally possible.  

We empty gullies regularly of debris, silt and litter. If you think a gully needs emptying or unblocking sooner as it's causing a problem on a road or footpath, please report the issue using our online form above. 

Other types of drains 

We are only responsible for gullies. We are not responsible for public sewers or river related issues. If you are unsure who is responsible for a drainage issue, you can contact Northumbrian Water on 0845 717 1100, or read our drainage and sewers page

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