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Flooding on a road or footpath

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- Reports we can help with
- Report flooding on a road or footpath
- Other flooding issues


Any flooding reports are sent to our roads and highways team, and our risk and resilience team to review. We aim to visit and inspect all reports as soon as possible within two working days.

Reports we can help with

We are responsible for dealing with flooding caused by public drains.

We are not responsible for issues caused by water mains, sewers, or rivers. If the council is not responsible for dealing with the flooding you have reported but it's considered a safety risk, we will try to make the area safe. We will also contact the organisation who is responsible for dealing with the flooding issue.

Where flooding is caused by a blocked road drain or gully, which means rainwater isn't able to drain away, please report a blocked drain to us.

Report flooding on a road or footpath

Tell us if you see flooding on a road or footpath.

You will need to tell us the exact location of the issue. You can also upload an image if you have one.

Report flooding on a road or footpath

Alternatively, you can call our customer service team on 0191 433 7000. 

Other flooding issues

For further information about reporting flooding when the issue is not on a road or footpath, read our flooding page.