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Damaged or uneven pavements

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We aim to inspect all reports within 10 working days.  

If the issue reported is considered an emergency or safety risk, we will make the area safe as soon as possible. This may include temporary measures before work begins. We aim to fix issues within eight weeks. 

Only pavement defects that we consider to be dangerous can be repaired, such as those likely to cause a trip hazard or result in a fall.  

If someone else is responsible for fixing an issue with the pavement, we will send the details to the relevant organisation. 

If there is a hole or hollow in the surface of a footpath, you can report a pothole instead.

You can report littering or request street sweeping for issues such as glass on a footpath or large amounts of mud or debris that is building up.

Report a damaged or uneven pavement

Tell us if you see a broken or damaged paving stone or kerb in Gateshead. 

You will need to tell us the exact location of the damage. You can also upload an image of the issue if you have one.

Report a damaged or uneven pavement

Alternatively, you can call our customer service team on 0191 433 7000.