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New safety procedures for appointments

Our pest control service has reopened and we are now taking bookings, with some new coronavirus (COVID-19) safety measures in place.

You should not book if any member of your household:

  • has tested positive in the last 14 days
  • is waiting for results of a coronavirus (COVID-19) test
  • is showing any symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • is currently self-isolating

Wasps are one of the most feared and potentially aggressive pests in the UK. They are known for their painful stings, that can sometimes cause serious medical issues.

Most people think wasps will attack unprovoked, but it's normally only when they feel threatened. Social wasps can emit a pheromone that lets others know they are under attack and need help.

Queen wasps start to come out around spring to build new nests, but worker wasps don't come out until the summer when they are more active.

If you have a wasp problem:

We recommend that you have a professional treatment carried out. 

The price for residential pest control is £56.70

Business prices start from £97.50

Book an appointment

Alternatively, you can call us on 0191 433 7000 to arrange treatment.

What happens at your appointment

Our pest control officer will do some routine checks of the premise to identify where the wasps are and whether they are entering from more than one place. If there are more than one nest, you will need to pay an additional charge of £15 per nest.

After this, the officer will spray insecticide into the entrances, which will kill the wasps. This often leads to a large amount of wasps fleeing the nest, so it's best to stay indoors until the treatment is done.

The pest control officer will normally only need to visit once to get rid of the wasps, but we can visit again in the unlikely event that treatment doesn't work. Please be aware that we only treat the wasps and do not remove nests.


We don't recommend that you use DIY treatment as it can be dangerous to the environment, yourself, children and pets.

How to prevent a wasp problem

Wasps can attack in large numbers if their nest is disturbed, so it's best to treat them as early as possible.

In the early stages, nests will be the size of a golf ball and a lot easier to treat then in the summer months.


  • Seal up any gaps or entry points after treatment
  • Keep windows and doors shut
  • Keep pets and children safe


  • Aggravate the nest
  • Try to treat them yourself
  • Kill social wasps

Why wasps are a problem

Wasps are mainly feared because they are known to defend themselves by stinging anyone they see as a threat. This can be extremely painful, but can also be life threatening if you happen to be allergic to their sting.

If you are known to be sensitive to wasps stings, it's important that you don't try to treat them yourself.

Book an appointment

You can book an appointment with our professional and experienced pest control officers online or by calling our customer service team on 0191 433 7000.

Our customer service line is open:

Monday to Thursday: 8.30am to 5pm
Friday: 8.30am to 4.30pm

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