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Pest control appointments suspended until further notice

We will be contacting customers about their bookings as soon as we can. Please avoid contacting us about bookings as we have to concentrate on emergency services.

Booklice are a very common and harmless pest. They are usually a light brown or cream colour and are only 1mm in length.

They feed on mould caused by damp conditions, including damp cardboard, books, food and surfaces. Surfaces close to damp plaster is also very common

What happens at your appointment

Our pest control officer will do some routine checks of the premise to identify where the booklice are and how they will be treated.

Unless you have a large infestation, they officer will normally advise you treat them by controlling room temperature and humidity.

If you have a bad infestation, the officer will lay the chosen insecticide. They will then give you some more advice on how to prevent the problem, which may include making repairs.

Usually there will only be one visit for treatment of booklice, although we can arrange a follow up if needed.


We don't recommend that you use DIY treatment as it can be dangerous to the environment, yourself, children and pets.

How to prevent a booklice problem

The main way to prevent booklice is to ensure that rooms are well ventilated and dry.


  • Open windows to keep rooms ventilated
  • Keep food like cereal in dry places
  • Make sure cupboards are dry before storing food


  • Use kettles or washing machines for extended periods
  • Ignore the issue
  • Use DIY treatments

Why booklice are a problem

Booklice don't bite, spread disease or damage property but can be a nuisance in large numbers.

For most people, just their presence in their home or business is enough to want to get rid of them.

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