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There are many types of bees but the main ones are bumbles bees, honey bees and masonry bees.

Bees are endangered, so we won't treat them if you have a problem. 

If you have a bee problem

We recommend that you contact the British Bee Keepers Association (opens new window).

How to get rid of bees

There are two options for dealing with bees at your property.

Leave them

Bees don't pose any threat if they are left alone and unprovoked. They are usually only active between spring and late summer, which means they can help your garden thrive as they are pollinators.

Relocate them

If a honeybee nest is in an accessible place, like a bush or shed, then it should be easily removed by a local beekeeper. You can contact a swarm collector via the British Bee Keepers Association (opens new window), who will usually come and collect the swarm free of charge.

There are also some pest management companies who can deal with trickier nests in places like chimneys. You can find out more information about these on the BPCA website (opens new window).