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Building regulations inspections and enforcement

Once you have submitted an application, it is valid for three years. If work has not begun within this time, a new application will be required.

When you do decide to start the work, you should give us two full working days notice.

Any work carried out before you receive a decision on your application will be at your own risk.

Site inspections

Site inspections ensure that the work is carried out to current building regulations. They are usually at pre-determined stages, but not always. The Planning Portal (opens new window) holds more information about the site inspection process.

You must inform Building Control before you start the building work. A building surveyor will visit the site and agree what aspects of the construction they need to see and when they need to return. Visit Planning Portal (opens new window) for information about site inspections. 

If any stage of the works is complete without an inspection, then the surveyor may ask that the work is opened up. This is to check that the work complies with the building regulations. 

The stages of work that may need an inspection include

  • commencement
  • excavation of foundations prior to concreting
  • installation of reinforcement before concreting, in a foundation or a slab
  • building over the damp-proof course and foundations concreted
  • over-site before concreting
  • laying drains prior to back-filling
  • drains test after back-filling
  • installation of structural members, for example floor joists, roof structure, steel beams
  • thermal insulation
  • occupation, if before completion
  • completion


If work carried out on a site does not meet building regulations, remedial work will be needed to address any defect. If the non-compliant work is not resolved, we may serve an enforcement notice that may result in court action. 

We are not able to act on your behalf as an architect, engineer or designer. You may need to employ a specialist to provide you with advice and guidance.

If you contravene building regulations by building without notifying us, or by carrying out work which does not comply, we can prosecute. If you are convicted, you may receive a penalty of up to £5,000 for each offence and a further fine of up to £50 for each day that the default continues.

If you do not put the work right when asked to do so, we have the power to carry out the work and recover the costs from you.

Visit the Planning Portal (opens new window) for full information about enforcement and appeals. 

Final inspections and completion certificates

When the work is complete a final inspection will be carried out by the surveyor. Once all works meet the requirements of the building regulations a completion certificate will be issued. 

A copy of the completion certificate is a requirement for any future sales of the property. It is important to keep it somewhere safe.

The completion certificate confirms that, as far as we have been able to determine, the work complies with current building regulations. This is not a guarantee or warranty for the work carried out. Without a completion certificate you can't sell your property and in some cases your home insurance could be invalid. Visit Book a building regulations inspection.