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Apply for building regulations approval

To apply online through the Planning Portal you will need to register first. Once registered you will need your supporting plans and construction information to complete the application . 

Apply for building regulations approval

If you are ready to apply, use the Planning Portal. This option can save on time, printing and postal costs. 

Apply for approval

Types of building regulations approval

There are two types of building regulations approval for new building work. You need to decide which best suits your project. 

Full plans application

Full plans applications are suited to larger projects. We check the applications and advise of any changes needed. This can help prevent costly errors made when the building work starts on site.  We will issue an approval certificate once the proposed plans meet the regulations.

The Planning Portal explains the process. 

What we require for a full plans application:

  • one copy of the application form
  • copies of the site drawings and construction specification
    • two copies for residential properties
    • three copies for non-residential
  • the plan check fee, currently £190

Building notices

A building notice is most suitable for small domestic building work such as 

  • internal alterations 
  • some small extensions

Submission of construction details are not normally needed. The Planning Portal explains building notices.

What we require for a building notice application:

  • one copy of the application form, 
  • a site plan,
  • the building notice fee for the work being carried out. 

Building regulations application rejections

If your plans do not comply with the building regulations, we will ask for you to submit more information. An application will stay live for five weeks, or with your permission eight weeks.

If the information is not submitted in this time frame, or we cannot conditionally approve the application, we will reject it. If we reject the application, you will have to start the process again and re-submit the application. 


When we have all the information we will contact you to arrange payment of the appropriate fee. We cannot process an application until the correct fee has been paid in fullFor work about to be carried out the cost is the same regardless of which type of application is submitted; full plans or building notice. 

For a building notice, the fee is paid in full.

For full plans applications, we only require the plan submission charge to process the application. The rest of the fee is payable when work begins on site. 

The charge is calculated using our fees calculation sheet, it comes in three sections depending on the project:

Icon for pdf Building regulation charges guidance note one: [194.59KB] - for new dwellings only between one and twenty in number
Icon for pdf Building regulations charges guidance note two: [124.99KB] - for domestic extensions and alterations
Icon for pdf Building regulation charges guidance note three: [174.68KB] - for non-domestic applications for new builds and extensions

How to pay
We are currently working remotely. The easiest and quickest payment method is a BACS transfer, email for the bank details.  

We can still accept payment by cheque, but due to the limited access to the civic centre this may delay your application. Make the cheque payable to 'Gateshead Council', please put the address of the works and state that it's for building control on the back and post to: 

Development and Public Protection
Building Control
Civic Centre
Regent Street



Contact us

Development and Public Protection
Building Control
Gateshead Council
Civic Centre
Regent Street

0191 433 3150


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