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Retrospective building regulation approval

Retrospective building regulations approval

You will need to register with the Planning Portal (opens new window) first. Once registered you can complete your application for a regularisation certificate.

Apply for retrospective approval

If building work has been carried out without building regulations approval you may have problems when you come to sell the building. It may be difficult for future owners to insure or mortgage the property. 

An application can be made to regularise the work. This means we will inspect the work retrospectively and decide if it meets the requirements.

The fee is required in full before the application can be processed.

Fees for regularisation are charged at the normal building regulations fee plus 50%. 

For example, if the building regulations fee for a garage conversion was £375 (excluding VAT) this would be charged plus 50%. Therefore the regularisation cost would be £562.50 in total. VAT is not added to regularisation charges. 

For more information and guidance visit the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) (opens new window) website.