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Icon For Artist Artist Danny Clahane
Icon For About About Stone carved sculpture depicting a head in hands in Saltwell Park.


'I work in stone. The material fascinates me, the endless possibilities, the long history of sculpture and the geological timescales you cut through, every time you create a piece. Stone is elemental, and I make elemental statements to do with the outer world and to do with the elemental forces between people. I'm excited about creation. I can feel exhilaration and fear at the same time'.

'Seedling' is the largest so far in a series of heads in hands I have created over the past few years. It is about nurturing and protecting, with the hand gently cupping and holding the head as though it were an infants.'

Danny has a series of stone-carved sculptures at the Watermark development near the Metro Centre. One sculpture can be found in the Tyne Tees Weather Garden. He was born in 1966 in London and now lives and works in Cumbria.


Saltwell Park

East Park Road



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