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Icon For Artist Artist Colin Rose
Icon For About About A steel sculpture representing the elements hanging in space above the viewers eye at the point of Saltwell Park's waterfall.


'Wriggle' is not an illustration of any one idea but is a response to the rhythms patterns in nature. The work was made along with a series of other pieces responding to the elements - sun, rain, wind, clouds, waves - and the natural rhythms and cycles underlying these. Like many artists my work is a synthesis of ideas that are digested and take form. This varies from work to work. Because of my interest in the 'objectness' of things and where they belong it is natural then to include the idea of place. Where it is important to both give and receive from a place not just for a work to exist there.

An element of discovery has been a key part of my work where I like viewers to take an active part and discover an aspect that is not immediately apparent on approach but seeks investigation of the whole piece or of a larger identity of the work. With 'Wriggle' it was the interest of the form in a solid block of steel hanging in space above the viewers eye at the point of the waterfall.

Rose was born in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1950 an lives and works in Northumberland. He has created two other works for Gateshead. Rolling Moon , from the 1990s, is an enduring Gateshead landmark and situated on the Gateshead Riverside Park. Window is located on Bensham Bank are both artworks are made from stainless steel.  


Saltwell Park

East Park Road



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